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Dr. Terri Donovan

Terri Donovan


  • Ph D University of Missouri-Columbia 1994
  • BS Eastern Illinois University 1986
  • MS Eastern Illinois University 1986
  • BS Eastern Illinois University 1984


Terri joined the Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in 2000, where she is the Assistant Unit Leader and Associate Research Professor in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont.

Research Interests

Terri's research emphases include population dynamics, population modeling and structured decision making, landscape ecology, and conservation biology. Current research efforts focus on developing a relational database with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department to enable adaptive management for both game and non-game species.

Teaching Interests

With a background in education, Terri is an avid teacher and enjoys working with all age groups. Current teaching efforts include an on-line Principles of Modeling course geared for graduate students and professionals, and studies abroad course in Costa Rica, where the focus is on how to re-establish and monitor a wildlife corridor for the three-wattled bellbird (Pajaro campana). Terri also directs the Spreadsheet Project, a suite of tutorials on quantitative data analysis and modeling in ecology.

Professional Society Service

  • The Wildlife Society - Member, Arrangements Committee (September 2002 - September 2003)
  • Association of Field Ornithologists - Member (January 1992 - August 2003)
  • Cooper Ornithological Society - Member (January 1992 - December 2002)
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Research Publications

  • Brown, M. L., T. M. Donovan, W. S. Schwenk, and D. M. Theobald. 2013. Predicting impacts of future human population growth and development on occupancy rates of forest-dependent birds . Biological Conservation. Available online 31 October 2013, ISSN 0006-3207, Abstract |  Download  |  Publisher Website | 
  • Bettigole, C., T. Donovan, R. Manning, J. Austin, and R. Long. 2013. Acceptability of residential development in a regional landscape: Potential effects on wildlife occupancy patterns. Biological Conservation. Abstract |  Download  |  Publisher Website | 
  • Bettigole, C., T. M. Donovan, R. Manning, and J. Austin. 2013. Normative standards for land use in Vermont: Implications for biodiversity. Biological Conservation. Abstract |  Download  |  Publisher Website | 
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Current Projects

Completed Projects


  • Applied Ecology, Environment, and Society (2014)
  • Principles of Modeling with Spreadsheets / Population Dynamics (2014)
  • Principles of Modeling with Spreadsheets / Population Dynamics (2012)
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Vermont Other Professional Positions and Memberships

  • Terri DonovanMember, Sea Lamprey Chemical Alternatives Group (January 2002 - January 2010)
  • Terri DonovanMember, Lake Champlain Ecosystem Team (May 2000 - January 2010)
  • Terri DonovanMember, Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership Mountain Bird Working Group (January 2007 - March 2009)
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Vermont University Committees and Workgroups

  • Terri DonovanNSRC Panel Member (January 2015 - February 2015)
  • Terri DonovanUVM Math Search Committee (January 2015 - February 2015)
  • Terri DonovanFaculty Senate Research, Scholarship and Graduate Education Committee (September 2010 - May 2013)
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Technical Publications

  • Donovan, T.M., J. Katz, C. Brauer, and B. Mitchell. 2014. Acoustical Monitoring of Biodiversity and Phenology: A Pilot Wildlife Monitoring Partnership for Adaptive Management. Final Report to the National Park Service.
  • Donovan, T.M., K. Rinehart, and J. Cummings. 2014. Improving Structured Decision Making Processes through Relational Database Development and Analysis. Final Report to the U.S. Geological Survey.
  • Donovan, T. M., C. Brauer, J. Katz, and B. Mitchell. 2013. A pilot test for monitoring phenology with acoustic sensors. Final Report to the National Phenology Network.
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Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 1

Phd Students: 4

Post Docs: 0

University Staff: 1

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 8

Scientific Publications: 22

Presentations: 18

Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Cooperators

  1. U.S. Geological Survey
  2. University of Vermont
  3. Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
  4. Wildlife Management Institute