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Dr. Conor McGowan

Research Publications

  • Keever, A.C., C.P. McGowan, S.S. Ditchkoff, P.K. Acker, J.B. Grand, C.H. Newbolt, in review, Efficacy of time-lapse photography and repeated counts estimation for monitoring white-tailed deer populations.
  • McGowan, CP, Allan NA, Servoss J, Headwall S, Woolridge B, in review, Incorporating population viability models into species status assessment and listing decisions under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. for submission to Endangered Species Research
  • Robinson, OJ, McGowan CP, Devers P. in review, Deciphering density dependent dynamics using multiple system models and Bayesian model weight updating. Submitted to Ecology February 2016.
  • Robinson, OJ, McGowan, CP, Apodaca, JJ, in review, Decision analysis for habitat conservation of an endangered, range limited salamander, for submission to Animal Conservation
  • Robinson OJ, McGowan CP, Devers PK. (2016) Updating movement estimates for American black ducks (Anas rubripes) PeerJ 4:e1787
  • Robinson OJ, McGowan CP, Devers PK, Brook RW, Huang M, Jones M, McAuley DG, Zimmerman G. 2016, A full annual cycle modeling framework for American black ducks, Natural Resource Modeling 29: 159–174.
  • Millard MJ, Sweka JA, McGowan CP, Smith DR, 2015, Assessment and Management of North American Horseshoe Crab Populations, with Emphasis on a Multispecies Framework for Delaware Bay Populations, in Carmichael RH, Botton ML, Shin PKS, Cheung SG (eds.) Changing global perspectives on biology, conservation, and management of horseshoe crabs, Springer 2015.
  • McGowan, CP, Smith, DR, Nichols, JD, Lyons, JE, Sweka, J, Kalasz, K, Niles, LJ, Wong, R, Brust, J, Davis, M, Spear, B, in review, Implementing a framework for multi-species, multi-objective adaptive management in Delaware Bay. Biological Conservation, 191: 759-769.
  • McGowan, CP. 2015, Comparing Models of Red Knot population dynamics, The Condor 117 (4), 494-502.
  • McGowan CP, Lyons JE, and Smith DR. Adaptive management of horseshoe crab harvest in Delaware Bay: decision implementation and the double-loop process, in Runge MC, Converse SJ, Lyons JE, Smith DR. (eds) Case Studies in Decision Analysis for Natural Resources Management, Johns Hopkins University Press, anticipated Summer, 2017
  • McGowan, CP, JE Lyons, and D.R. Smith, 2015, Developing objectives with multiple stakeholders: adaptive management of horseshoe crabs and Red Knots in the Delaware Bay. Environmental Management, 55 (4), 972-982. Download  | 
  • McGowan, C.P., D.H. Catlin, T.L. Shaffer, C.L. Gratto Trevor, C. Aron, 2014. Establishing endangered species recovery criteria using predictive simulation modeling. Biological Conservation 177, 220–229
  • Yorke, E.H., Judy, C.E., Saveraid, T.C, McGowan, C.P., Caldwell, F. C. in press, Distal Border Fragments of the Equine Navicular Bone: Significance in current clinical lameness.
  • Smith, D.R., C.P. McGowan, J.P. Daily, J.D. Nichols, J.A. Sweka, and J.E. Lyons 2013 Evaluating a multispecies adaptive management framework: must uncertainty impede effective decision-making? Journal of Applied Ecology, early online August 28, 2013 doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.12145 Publisher Website | 
  • McGowan, C.P. 2013, A Structured approach to incidental take decision making. Environmental Managment 51:241–250
  • McGowan, CP, Gardner, B. 2013, Evaluating Methodological Assumptions of Catch-Curve Survival Estimation for Un-Marked Precocial Chicks. Waterbirds 36: 82-87
  • McGowan, C.P., 2012. Demography. in: T. Simons, E. Nol, R. Beotcher (eds.) The
    American Oysterchatcher, in R. Poole The Birds of North America On-Line.
  • McGowan, C.P., J.E. Hines, J.D. Nichols, J.E. Lyons, D.R. Smith, K. Kalasz, L.J. Niles, A. Dey, N.A. Clark, P.W. Atkinson, C.D.T. Minton, W. Kendal. 2011. Demographic consequences of migratory stopover: linking red knot survival to horseshoe crab spawning abundance. Ecosphere 2: art 69.
  • McGowan, C.P., M. C. Runge, M. A. Larson, 2011. Incorporating parametric uncertainty into population viability models. Biological Conservation, 144, 1400-1408.
  • McGowan, C. P., D. R. Smith, J. A. Sweka, J. Martin, J. D. Nichols, R. Wong, J. E. Lyons, L. J. Niles, K. Kalasz, J. Brust, M. Klopfer, B. Spear. 2011. Multi-species modeling for adaptive management of horseshoe crabs and red knots in the Delaware Bay. Natural Resource Modeling 24, 117-156
  • McGowan, C.P., M.R. Ryan, M.C. Runge, J.J. Millspaugh, J. Cochrane, 2011. The role of demographic compensation theory in incidental take assessments for endangered species. Biological Conservation 144, 730-737.
  • McGowan, C.P., D.C. Kessler, M.R. Ryan, 2011, Endangered species management: A Synthesis. Lessons in Conservation, Available on line February 2011. Publisher Website | 
  • McGowan, C. P., Ryan, M.R. 2010. Arguments for Using Population Models in Incidental Take Assessments for Endangered Species. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 1: 183-188 Abstract |  Publisher Website | 
  • McGowan, C. P., and M. R. Ryan. 2009, A quantitative framework to evaluate incidental take and endangered species population viability. Biological Conservation, 142: 3128–3136.
  • McGowan, C. P., J. J. Millspaugh, M. R. Ryan, K. C. Cruse, and G. A. Pavelka. 2009. Estimating survival of precocial chicks during the pre-fledging period using a catch-curve method and age based count data Journal of Field Ornithology 80: 79-87.
  • Millspaugh, J.J., R. A. Gitzen, S. Amelon, T. W. Bonnot, D. T. Farrand, D. S. Jachowski, B. J. Keller, C. P. McGowan, M. S. Pruett, C. D. Rittenhouse, and K. M. Suedkamp Wells. 2008. Effects of culling on Bison demographics in Midwestern National Parks. Natural Areas Journal 28: 240-250.
  • McGowan, C. P., D. Catlin, G. Jons, G. Pavelka. 2007. Piping Plovers nesting amongst cottonwood saplings. Waterbirds 30: 275 – 277.
  • McGowan, C. P., and T. R. Simons. 2006. Effects of human disturbance on the incubation behavior of American Oystercatchers. Wilson Bulletin 118: 485-493.
  • McGowan, C. P., T. R. Simons, W. Golder, and J. Cordes. 2005 A comparison of American Oystercatcher reproductive success on barrier beach and river island habitats in coastal North Carolina. Waterbirds 28(2): 150-155.
  • McGowan, C. P., S. A. Schulte, and T. R. Simons. 2005. Resightings of marked American Oystercatchers banded as chicks. Wilson Bulletin 117: 382-385.
  • McGowan, C. P., and T. R. Simons. 2005. A method for trapping breeding adult American Oystercatchers. Journal of Field Ornithology 76(1):46-49.

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Elise Irwin

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