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Dr. Dave McGuire

Dave McGuire, Assistant Leader Ecology, Alaska CFWRU.


Dave joined the Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit in August 1995 as the Assistant Leader Ecology. He has a joint appointment as Professor of Ecology with the Department of Biology and Wildlife and the Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Research Interests

Arctic climate change, Terrestrial carbon budgets, Climate change in Alaska's boreal forests

Teaching Interests

Ecosystem dynamics, Earth system modeling

Professional Society Service

  • International Boreal Forest Research Association - Chair, Program Committee, 2004 Annual Conference (July 2002 - June 2004)

Research Publications

  • Lyu, Z., H. Genet, Y. He, Q. Zhuang, A.D. McGuire, A. Bennett, A. Breen, J. Clein, E.S. Euskirchen, K. Johnson, T. Kurkowski, N.J. Pastick, T.S. Rupp, B.K. Wylie, and Z. Zhu. 2018. The role of driving factors in historical and projected carbon dynamics in wetland ecosystems of Alaska. Ecological Applications 28:1377-1395, doi:10.1002/eap.1755.
  • McGuire, A.D., H. Genet, Z. Lyu, N. Pastick, S. Stackpoole, R. Birdsey, D. D’Amore, Y. He, T.S. Rupp, R. Striegl, B.K. Wylie, X. Zhou, Q. Zhuang, and Z. Zhu. 2018. Assessing historical and projected carbon balance of Alaska: A synthesis of results and policy/management implications. Ecological Applications 28:1396-1412, doi:10.1002/eap.1768.
  • Lara, M.J., I. Nitze, G. Grosse, and A.D. McGuire. 2018. Tundra landform and productivity trend maps for the Arctic Coastal Plain of northern Alaska. Scientific Data 5: Paper 180058, 10 pages, doi:10.1038/sdata.2018.58.
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Current Projects

Completed Projects


  • Interdisciplinary Modeling of High Latitude Global Change (2015)
  • Research Design in the Biological Sciences (2014)
  • Research Design in the Biological Sciences (2014)
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Alaska Other Professional Positions and Memberships

  • Dave McGuireMember, Search Committee, Editor of Earth Interactions (January 2008 - January 2010)
  • Dave McGuireCo-chair, Arctic System Science Data-Model Workshop Organizing Committee (July 2006 - June 2008)

Alaska University Committees and Workgroups

  • Dave McGuireMember: Human Resources Coordinator Search Committee, Institute of Arctic Biology (2012). (November 2012 - December 2012)
  • Dave McGuireMember: Search Committee for faculty position in Ecology (September 2011 - April 2012)
  • Dave McGuireChair: Panel to rate applications for Assistant Unit Leader Fisheries position (November 2011 - December 2011)
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Technical Publications

  • Williams, B.K., Wingard, G.L., Brewer, Gary, Cloern, J.E., Gelfenbaum, Guy, Jacobson, R.B., Kershner, J.L., McGuire, A.D., Nichols, J.D., Shapiro, C.D., van Riper III, Charles, and White, R.P., 2013, U.S. Geological Survey Ecosystems Science Strategy—Advancing discovery and application through collaboration: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1383–C, 43 p.
  • Markon, C.J., S.F. Trainor, F.S. Chapin., III (editors) and contributors (including A.D. McGuire). 2012. The United States National Climate Assessment – Alaska Technical Regional Report. U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1379, 148 p.
  • Schuur, E.A.G., C. Schadel, A.D. McGuire, J.P. Canadell, J. Harden, P. Kuhry, V. Romanovsky, and M. Turetsky. 2011. Research Coordination Network on the Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon. Frozen Ground 35:6.
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Current Staff

Federal Staff: 4

Masters Students: 5

Phd Students: 6

Post Docs: 3

University Staff: 3

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 24

Scientific Publications: 124

Presentations: 216


Contact Information

Tel: (907) 474 - 6242 Personal Web Site:

Current Students

Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Cooperators

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  2. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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  4. University of Alaska Fairbanks
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