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Erik Schoen

Research Publications

  • Schoen, E.R., D.A. Beauchamp, A. Buettner, and N.C. Overman. 2015. Temperature and depth mediate resource competition and apparent competition between Mysis diluviana and kokanee. Ecological Applications 25:1962-1975.
  • Hansen, A.G., D.A. Beauchamp, and E.R. Schoen. 2013. Effects of light and turbidity on the reaction distance of anadromous salmonids to prey of different sizes. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 142:854-867.
  • Schoen, E.R., D.A. Beauchamp, and N.C. Overman. 2012. Quantifying Latent Impacts of an Introduced Piscivore: Pulsed Predatory Inertia of Lake Trout and Decline of Kokanee. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 141:1191-1206.

Technical Publications

  • Schoen, E.R., and D.A. Beauchamp. 2010. Predation impacts of lake trout and Chinook salmon in Lake Chelan, Washington: Implications for prey species and fisheries management. Final Report to Chelan Public Utility District and Lake Chelan Fisheries Forum. Report # WACFWRU-010-01.Abstract |

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