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Alison Iles

Research Publications

  • Iles, A., T. P. Archdeacon, and S. A. Bonar. 2012. Novel praziquantel treatment regime for controlling Asian tapeworm infections in pond-reared fishes. North American Journal of Aquaculture 74:113-117.
  • Archdeacon, T.P., A. Iles, J. Kline, and S. A. Bonar. 2010. Asian Fish Tapeworm Bothriocephalus acheilognathi in the Desert Southwestern United States. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 22:274–279. Abstract | 
  • Bonar, S. A., S. Contreras-Balderas, and A. C. Iles. 2009. An Introduction to Standardized Sampling. In S. A. Bonar, W. A. Hubert, and D. W. Willis, Editors. Standard Methods for Sampling North American Freshwater Fishes. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland. 20 pp.
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Technical Publications

  • Archdeacon, T.P., S.A. Bonar, S.J. Kline, A.C. Iles and D. Hughson. 2008. Effects of Asian Tapeworm on the Endangered Mohave Tui Chub. Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Fisheries Research Report 02-08.
  • Kline, S.J., T.P. Archdeacon, A.C. Iles, and S.A. Bonar. 2007. Factors influencing distribution of introduced Asian tapeworm and effects on selected Southwestern fishes (Yaqui topminnow and Yaqui chub). Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit Fisheries Research Report 01-07.

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