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Arkansas Education Activities

Training Offered

  • I led a workshop on how to manage for waterbirds in western Arkansas at the Crawford County Wildlife Seminar (David Krementz February 2011)
  • I conducted a workshop on how to manage for secretive marsh birds to 25 Arkansas Game & Fish Commission wildlife management area biologists. (David Krementz February 2011)
  • Short course (webinar) with UL Sammy King through NCTC on how to manage habitat for King Rail (David Krementz, Sammy King April 2009)
  • Magoulick, D.D. 2009. Impact of Invasive Crayfish on Native Crayfish. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service web seminar series (Dan Magoulick April 2009)
  • We presented a training session on how to survey secretive marsh birds to USFWS biologists in eastern Arkansas. (Michael Budd, David Krementz April 2007)
  • Magoulick, D.D. 2007. Stream Hydrology/Ecology with Emphasis on Management Importance. Presented as part of a Streams Workshop to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Pine Bluff, AR, January 23-25, 2007. (Dan Magoulick January 2007)
  • Magoulick, D.D. 2005. Line Transect Sampling in Streams. Presented as a workshop to AFS Warmwater Streams Committee, Yellville, AR. (Dan Magoulick August 2005)
  • I helped instruct a shorebird identification and wetland management class for the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Agency. (David Krementz July 2003)
  • Krementz, D.G., D.D. Magoulick and W.L. Thompson, Recent Advances in Monitoring Fish and Wildlife Species. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Workshop, Conway, AR. Aug. 2002. (David Krementz August 2002)
  • Recent Advances in Monitoring Fish and Wildlife Populations. Presented as a workshop to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Conway, AR. (Dan Magoulick August 2002)
  • I presented two training sessions within the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Workshop held at the University of Arkansas. The workshop was put on by the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. (David Krementz February 2001)
  • Participated in a workshop on habitat management for early successional bird species in Louisiana. The workshop was attended by US FWS, LA Wildlife & Fisheries and NGO participants. (David Krementz February 2001)
  • Dan Dessecker of the Ruffed Grouse Society and I conducted a workshop to state and federal land managers and wildlife biologists from the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley on the methods for managing lands for American woodcock. The workshop was sponsored (David Krementz February 2001)

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 1

Phd Students: 2

Post Docs: 1

University Staff: 1

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 17

Scientific Publications: 28

Presentations: 64


Featured Student

Robert Fournier
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