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Colorado Technical Assistance

  • Bill KendallInvited expert, Technical Team for In-Water Monitoring of Loggerhead Sea Turtles, NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service (November 2016 - November 2016)
  • Kenneth BurnhamInvited participant on the six-member Scientific Peer Review Panel as part of the Pacific Pocket Mouse (PPM) Monitoring Worshop for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (MCBCP). (September 2007 - September 2007)
  • Kenneth BurnhamAvian Influenza Monitoring Committee met with scientists from Colorado State University, USDA-APHIS-NWRC,SMR (Surveillance, Monitoring and Research project), and Wildlife Services. (July 2006 - July 2006)
  • Kenneth BurnhamMathematical Biosciences Institute Workshop 5: Uncertainty in Ecological Analysis (Ohio State University) (April 2006 - April 2006)
  • Kenneth BurnhamSan Clemente Island Fox Monitoring Planning Workshop (January 2006 - January 2006)
  • Kenneth BurnhamUSFWS Wetlands and Trends project at the USFWS offices in LaCrosse, WI on the current update of the national monitoring plots that provided a status and trends reports to Congress for the period of 1997-2004. (June 2005 - June 2005)
  • Kenneth BurnhamInvited participant in an international workshop "Protecting Apes from Eboloa" organized by the Max-Planck Institute for Anthropology (Germany)held at FWS HQ, Arlington,VA. (March 2005 - March 2005)
  • Kenneth BurnhamStephen's kangaroo rat monitoring workshop for MCB Camp Pendleton. (July 2004 - July 2004)
  • Kenneth BurnhamWorkshop on the comprehensive analysis of northern spotted owl demography data ("Northern Spotted Owl Demography Workshop".) Second workshop dealt with capture-recapture and fecundity and some covariates and habitat data.) (January 2004 - January 2004)
  • Kenneth BurnhamAnthony, R., D. Anderson, K. Burnham, G. C. White, A. B. Franklin, and J. Nichols. Workshop on Analysis of Demographic Rates of Northern Spotted Owls. Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Corvallis, Oregon (6-11 January 2004). (January 2004 - January 2004)
  • Kenneth BurnhamAttended TAG meeting in Windhoek, Namibia (December 2003 - December 2003)
  • Kenneth BurnhamCITES/MIKE "Mike Dung Count Task Force Meeting" held at USFWS HQ (Arlington, VA) sponsored by Division of International Conservation. This meeting initiated the formal establishment of standards (for MIKE sites that will use) for population surveys based on elephant dung count (line transects) surveys combined with decay rate studies and defecation studies. The ultimate result will be guidelines and protocols for design, implementation and field conduct of such studies in Central adn Western Africa, India and Southeast Asia. (October 2003 - October 2003)
  • David AndersonI was one of the organizers of the 4th Northern Spotted Owl Demography Workshop held at Oregon State University, January 4-11, 2004. I also participated as a junior analyst and helped draft the technical report and Wildlife Monograph that resulted from this effort. (June 2003 - December 2005)
  • Kenneth BurnhamCITES-MIKE TAG meeting. A variety of technical issues were dealt with for example how to interpret data, on illegal activities recorded by the enforcement patrols. Some sort of catch-per-unit-effort approach is needed, but what to use for "effort." (April 2003 - April 2003)
  • Eric BergersenAssisted Colorado Division of Wildlife biologist in drafting habitat restoration plan for Fort Collins City Park Lake. (December 2002 - December 2002)
  • Eric BergersenToured Horsetooth Reservoir near Ft. Collins, CO with CDOW biologist to evaluate ridges built by crews from Northern CO Water Conservancy District as part of first phase of habitat restoration project for reservoir. Bergersen is technical coordinator for project. (September 2002 - September 2002)
  • Kenneth BurnhamTraveled to Oregon Wildlife Research Unit to discuss technical issues about statistical analysis of northern spotted owl data at their request. (August 2002 - August 2002)
  • Kenneth BurnhamAttended a MIKE TAG meeting at the Frendham Ponds Hotel(near Farnham, England). (May 2002 - May 2002)

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