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Gerber, BD, Karpanty, SM, Crawford, C, Kotschwar, M, and Randrianantenaina, J. (2010). An assessment of carnivore relative abundance and density in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar using remotely-triggered
camera traps. Oryx 44, 219-222.


Despite major efforts to understand and conserve
Madagascar’s unique biodiversity, relatively little is known
about the island’s carnivore populations. We therefore
deployed 43 camera-trap stations in Ranomafana National
Park, Madagascar during June–August 2007 to evaluate the
efficacy of this method for studying Malagasy carnivores
and to estimate the relative abundance and density of
carnivores in the eastern rainforest. A total of 755 cameratrap
nights provided 1,605 photographs of four endemic
carnivore species (fossa Cryptoprocta ferox, Malagasy civet
Fossa fossana, ring-tailed mongoose Galidia elegans and
broad-striped mongoose Galidictus fasciata), the exotic
Indian civet Viverricula indica and the domestic dog Canis
familiaris. We identified 38 individual F. fossana and 10
individual C. ferox.We estimated density using both capturerecapture
analyses, with a buffer of full mean-maximumdistance-
moved, and a spatially-explicit maximum-likelihood
method (F. fossana: 3.03 and 2.23 km-2, respectively; C. ferox:
0.15 and 0.17 km-2, respectively). Our estimated densities
of C. ferox in rainforest are lower than published estimates
for conspecifics in the western dry forests. Within Ranomafana
National Park species richness of native carnivores did
not vary among trail systems located in secondary, selectively-
logged and undisturbed forest. These results provide
the first assessment of carnivore population parameters using
camera-traps in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar.


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