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Williams, P.J., S. A. Whitmore, R.J. Gutierrez. 2014. Use of private lands for foraging by California spotted owls in the central Sierra Nevada. Widlife Society Bulletin 35:705--709.


We studied the use of private lands for foraging by 14 California spotted owls (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) in the central Sierra Nevada, California during 2006. We modeled foraging locations as a function of 2 land ownership categories within an owl's territory: public vs. private land. The log probability of an owl using a public land location was 15% greater than for a private land location. Private land distribution was relatively consistent with respect to the geometric center of owl home ranges suggesting that our result was not influenced by a peripheral distribution of private land in owl home ranges. Based on our findings, national forest lands currently have more value to foraging California Spotted Owls than do private lands. We recommend that any management plan which considers private land for the purpose of conservation of California spotted owls in the central Sierra Nevada account for these potential differences.


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January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2014

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