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Ecology class at South Dakota State University

As part of our mission, Unit scientists teach graduate level courses, mentor graduate students, and provide continuing education for our cooperators. By combining teaching, research and technical assistance, the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit provides students not only with an opportunity to pursue a graduate degree, but also receive unparalleled scientific training and applied work experience. By training the next generation of natural resource scientists, we enable the sound management of the nation's natural resources.

A few recent course offerings are provided below.

Courses Taught

  • Large Mammal Ecology, Management, and Conservation (James Cain 2018)
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes What makes a fish, a fish. Course covers physiological basis of fish biology. Students gave me 99% out of 100% approval rating. (Colleen Caldwell 2018)
  • Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Seminar This is the required seminar course for all MS and PhD students, immersing them in the Departmental Seminar Series through contact with the instructors and visiting seminar speakers. Students are afforded the opportunity to interact with invited scientists before, during, and after their visits, and are expected to critically consider the content as well as the delivery of the presentations. (Raymond Carthy 2018)
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Training Offered

  • This workshop provided a 1.5 hour presentation of the results of a survey of South Dakota landowners to South Dakota GFP staff and a 1.5 hour discussion of the implications and use of the information. (Larry Gigliotti March 2019)
  • Held a workshop on RAD sequencing. Lab manager Kristen Gruenthal taught Peter Euclide and two students from Emily Latch's laboratory and UW-Milwaukee how to prepare a RAD library. This workshop aligns with our lab's goal of sharing new techniques with geneticists in the region in an effort to standardize methods and help progress genetics research. wes.larson/ncteach/Rad_workshop-1.jpg (Wes Larson March 2019)
  • CPR/AED/First Aid (Clint Boal July 2018)
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Current Staff

Federal Staff: 101

Masters Students: 239

Phd Students: 154

Post Docs: 55

University Staff: 241

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 659

Scientific Publications: 1810

Presentations: 4127

Cooperative Research Units Program Headquarters Cooperators

  1. U.S. Geological Survey