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Dan Dembkowski

Dan Dembkowski with a sturgeon


I am a Research Scientist with the Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Research Unit and serve as co-director of the Fisheries Analysis Center. I’ve earned degrees from Carthage College (B.A., 2009), Mississippi State University (M.S., 2011) studying factors that structure fish assemblages in floodplain lakes, and South Dakota State University (Ph.D., 2014) studying yellow perch recruitment and interactions between yellow perch and smallmouth bass.

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in aspects of fisheries management and applied fisheries ecology including recruitment processes, population dynamics, predator-prey interactions, and factors influencing fish assemblage structure. Within these broader topics, I have worked on specific research projects to estimate and model biotic and abiotic influences on yellow perch and walleye recruitment dynamics, evaluate impacts of smallmouth bass and northern pike predation on survival and recruitment of yellow perch and rainbow trout, evaluate the influence of variable prey abundance on walleye energetics, growth, and recruitment, assess habitat associations of and sampling protocols for yellow perch, quantify post-stocking survival and contributions of stocked walleye and muskellunge to year-class strength, identify spatiotemporal trends in fish assemblage structure and function, evaluate age estimation techniques for yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and walleye, and estimate angler motivations and perceptions of interactions between black basses and walleye.


Current Staff

Federal Staff: 102

Masters Students: 247

Phd Students: 163

Post Docs: 55

University Staff: 266

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 722

Scientific Publications: 1960

Presentations: 4355


Contact Information

Tel: (715) 346 - 4350

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