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Kathryn Mickett Kennedy

Research Publications

  • Irwin, E. R. and K. D. M. Kennedy. 2009. Engaging stakeholders for adaptive management using structured decision analysis. Proceedings of the Third Conference on Research in the Watersheds.
  • Peterson, J., C. Moore, S. Wenger, K. Kennedy, E. Irwin, and M. Freeman. 2007. Adaptive management applied to aquatic natural resources. Chapter 6.4 in Proceedings of the 2007 Georgia Water Resources Conference, March 27-29, Athens. Abstract |  Download  |  Publisher Website | 

Technical Publications

  • Kennedy, K.D. and E.R. Irwin. Patterns of fish and disease occupancy in Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Alabama. ACFWRU Report 2009-3. Final Report Submitted to USFWS, October 2009 2007
  • Kennedy, K. M., E. R. Irwin, M. C. Freeman, and J. Peterson. 2006. Development of a decision support tool and procedures for evaluating dam operation in the Southeastern United States. Science Support Partnership Program Project Final Report to USGS and USFWS.
  • Irwin, E.R., M. Taylor, K. Mickett and G. Turner. 2005. Delineation of important habitat features for adult and juvenile Alabama sturgeon. Final report submitted to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jackson, Mississippi.
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