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Baggs, Wyoming Mule Deer Project


July 2015 - June 2020


What are the migration patterns of buck mule deer in Wyoming? There has been such an emphasis on mule deer migration research lately that folks probably think researchers and managers know the answer to this question. They don't. That is because all of our mule deer research efforts over the last decade and a half have been focused on does. We have learned a lot about the timing, distance, stopover use, and migration routes of mule deer does. Do bucks follow the same routes, migrate at the same time, and stopover in the same places? This study seeks to answer these questions.


Current Staff

Federal Staff: 100

Masters Students: 237

Phd Students: 155

Post Docs: 56

University Staff: 246

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 714

Scientific Publications: 1979

Presentations: 4410



Funding Agencies

  • Muley Fanatic Foundation
  • NSF
  • Storer Foundation
  • Wyoming Wildlife Foundation


Cooperative Research Units Program Headquarters Cooperators

  1. U.S. Geological Survey