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BoR: San Juan...Installation and Development...PIT Tag Antennas


September 2015 - August 2020


The San Juan River Basin and Upper Colorado River Recovery Implementation Program (SJ and UC RIPs) were initiated in October 1992 to protect and recover populations of four federally-listed endangered fish in the Colorado River Basin while water development proceeds in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and tribal laws. Accurately detecting fish moving through rivers and streams is difficult and costly, limiting the estimation of population size and trend and other critical vital rates. This research assists with developing methods and analyses techniques, using data gathered with PIT-tag antenna systems, to improve survival, population, and movement models on endangered fish species in the Colorado River Basin. Project partners include UCFWRU, faculty in Wildland Resources, Utah State University (Conner), and many other researchers who provide data and analyses that support the Recovery Implementation plans for endangered fishes of the regions. Future management and recovery of endangered species relies on understanding the effects of management actions on the population being monitored. Improvement in vital rate and abundance estimation can lead to changes in conservation efforts through identification of effective and ineffective management actions.


Current Staff

Federal Staff: 101

Masters Students: 239

Phd Students: 154

Post Docs: 55

University Staff: 241

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 695

Scientific Publications: 1962

Presentations: 4417



Funding Agencies

  • USDOI Bureau of Reclamation


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  1. U.S. Geological Survey