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Peer Reviewed Publications

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  • Van Doorslaer, K, V. Ruoppolo, A. Schmidt, A. Lescroel, D. Jongsomjit, M. Elrod, S. Kraberger, D. Stainton, K.M. Dugger, G. Ballard, D.G. Ainley, and A. Varsani. 2017.
    Unique genome organization of non-mammalian
    papillomaviruses provides insights into the evolution
    of viral early proteins. Viral Evolution 3(2):1-12. doi: 10.1093/ve/vex027
  • Gremillet, D., A. Lescroel, G. Ballard, K.M. Dugger, M. Massaro, and D.G. Ainley. 2018. Energetic fitness: Field metabolic rates assessed via 3D
    accelerometry complement conventional fitness metrics. Functional Ecology 32:1203-1213.
  • Ainley, D.G., K.M. Dugger, M. La Mesa, G. Ballard, K.J. Barton, S. Jennings, B.J. Karl, A. Lescroël, P.O’B. Lyver, A. Schmidt, P. Wilson. 2018. Post-fledging survival of Adélie penguins at multiple colonies: Chicks raised
    on fish do well. Marine Ecology Progress Series 601:239-251. DOI: 10.3354/meps12687

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