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CNH: Coupled Climate, Cultivation and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape.


August 2013 - December 2018


In this research, we will develop a coupled human-landscape model that incorporates the linkages and feedbacks among atmospheric, terrestrial, aquatic, and social processes to predict the potential impact of climate variability, climate change, land use, and human activity on water resources. In the first three components, we develop and interactively couple mechanistic models of the three systems controlling water supply and water quality–the hydrosystem, the aquatic ecosystem, and the human system. In the fourth research component, these three system models are integrated. This project will have high impact because successful conservation demands that natural patterns be linked to human behavior, as we propose to do in this project


Current Staff

Federal Staff: 102

Masters Students: 241

Phd Students: 163

Post Docs: 58

University Staff: 240

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 703

Scientific Publications: 1901

Presentations: 4321



Funding Agencies

  • National Science Foundation


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