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Thermal criteria for Nevada coldwater stream fishes


June 2012 - December 2013


Currently, a need exists to update and develop protective criteria and monitoring designs for thermal conditions that support coldwater stream fishes in the state of Nevada. To address these issues, we , 1) developed a matrix of recommended temperature standards for coldwater stream fishes in Nevada, and 2) reviewed approaches for monitoring thresholds that incorporate spatio-temporal variability in stream water temperatures. We conducted an extensive literature review of previously established thermal criteria for coldwater fishes that occur in Nevada and reviewed recent approaches for determining temperature criteria. Second, we developed supporting documentation along with recommended protocols for monitoring and assessing coldwater stream temperature criteria within water bodies. We also used existing temperature data, along with a subset of data collected specifically for this project, to develop new methods to quantify spatio-temporal patterns in stream temperatures. We worked closely with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection who provided funding for the project.

Research Products and Activities

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Falke, J.A., Dunham, J.D., and D. Hockman-Wert. 2016. A simple prioritization tool to diagnose impairment of stream temperature for coldwater fishes in the Great Basin. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 36:147-160.


  • Falke, J.A., Dunham, J.B., Hockman-Wert, D., and R. Pahl. 2014. Integrating models of species distributions, physiological thresholds, and physical potential to diagnose temperature impairment in Great Basin streams. Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR, 19-23 May 2014.

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Funding Agencies

  • Nevada Division of Environmental Protection


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