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  • Loman, Z.G., D. Harrison, C.S.Loftin, and P.B.Wood. 2016. Validating predictions of upland game bird space use in multiple management contexts. Presentation at the 72nd Annual Meeting of Northeast Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Annapolis, MD, 3-6 April.
  • Loman, Z.G., D.Harrison, C.S. Loftin, and P.B.Wood. 2016. Evaluation of a fine-grained landscape conservation planning tool for songbird conservation in the Northeastern United States. To be presented at the North American Ornithological Conference in Washington, DC, 16-20 August.
  • Loman, Z.G., E.J. Blomberg, W.V. Deluca, D.J. Harrison, C.S. Loftin, and P.B. Wood. 2016. Validating Landscape Capability as a Predictor of Upland Game Bird Abundance and Occurrence. Poster presentation at the Annual meeting of The Wildlife Society, Raleigh, NC, 15-21 October.
  • Loman, Z.G., D. Harrison, C.S. Loftin, P.B. Wood. 2017. Workshop on representative species model analyses. US Fish and Wildlife Service, Hadley, MA. 12 January.
  • Loman, Z.G., W.V. Deluca, D. Harrison, C.S. Loftin, and P.B. Wood. 2017 Do representative forest songbirds effectively predict occurrence of ecologically similar species? 73rd Annual Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference, 9-11 April, Norfolk, VA
  • Loman, Z., W. Deluca, D.Harrison, C. Loftin, B. Rolek, and P.B.Wood. Identifying error in forest landscape capability models. 136th American Ornithological Society Meeting, 9-14 April, Tucson, AZ.

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