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  • Streby, H.M. and D.E. Andersen. 2007. Habitat use of post-fledging forest-nesting songbirds in northern hardwood-coniferous forests of northern Minnesota. Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society, Alexandria, Minnesota.
  • Streby, H.M. and D.E. Andersen. 2008. Survival and habitat use of fledgling forest nesting songbirds in a managed forest landscape. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Office. Minneapolis,
  • Streby, H.M. and D.E. Andersen. 2009. Nesting success does not equal reproductive success: a case study with songbirds. 70th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Springfield, Illinois.
  • Streby, H.M. and D.E. Andersen. 2010. When is success not success? When it's songbird nesting success. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting. Seattle, Washington.
  • Streby, H.M. and D.E. Andersen. 2011. (Invited). What the post-fledging period tells us that the nesting season does not. 129th Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists’ Union. Jacksonville, Florida.

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