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Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Gosch, N. J. C., K. L. Pope, and P. H. Michaletz. 2009. Stomach capacities of six freshwater fishes. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 24:645-649. Download  | 
  • Gosch, N. J. C., J. R. Stittle, and K. L. Pope. 2010. Food habits of stunted and non-stunted white perch: the role of population status. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 25:31-39. Download  | 
  • Gosch, N. J. C., L. L. Pierce, and K. L. Pope. 2010. The effect of predation on stunted and nonstunted white perch. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 19:401-407. Download  | 
  • Gosch, N. J. C., and K. L. Pope. 2011. Using consumption rate to assess potential predators for biological control of white perch. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems 403, 2:1-9. Download  | 

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 101

Masters Students: 238

Phd Students: 159

Post Docs: 57

University Staff: 260

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 688

Scientific Publications: 1918

Presentations: 4312


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