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Revision of FWS Biological Report 88(36), "Tampaulipan Brushlands of South Texas

USFWS Forest restoration efforts in Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR, 2010


August 2008 - September 2014


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) maintains 3 national wildlife refuges in the Lower Rio Grande of south Texas: Santa Ana, Lower Rio Grande, and Laguna Atascosa. Conservation of brushland habitats is an ongoing challenge relative to expanded urbanization, homeland security, and escalating land prices. Managers would benefit from a new edition of the original Biological Report that includes contemporary literature, human demographic patterns, land-use and GIS assessments, U.S.–Mexican border issues, and severity of competing land use. The revised report would continue, even expand, its focus on plant and animal species of special concern relative to USFWS goals of achieving a protective wildlife corridor among currently disjunct land parcels under their management. Research was added in 2011 to evaluated the effects of fragmentation on mammal communities in currently tracts in the Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR.


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  • David LesliePrincipal Investigator

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