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Grizzly Bear Population Status in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem


April 2011 - December 2015


A collaborative research project to get more information about grizzly bear status in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem. The objectives of this project are:To conduct an extensive survey of hiking trails, forest roads, power and fence lines and other wildlife travel routes in the Cabinet -Yaak Ecosystem (CYE) to identify the location of bear rubs and establish those rubs as repeat hair collection sites;To deploy baited bear hair snagging corrals at predetermined sites throughout the CYE based on a 5 X 5 km grid with 1 hair corral per cell for each of 5 14-day detection occasions;To conduct repeat surveys of established bear rubs and hair corrals to collect bear hair samples for genetic analysis; To identify the species, sex, and individual identity of bear from the hair collected; and to perform various analyses on genetic results including, but not necessarily limited to, estimates of population abundance, distribution, gene flow and models of regional abundance patterns.


Current Staff

Federal Staff: 95

Masters Students: 240

Phd Students: 143

Post Docs: 52

University Staff: 245

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 702

Scientific Publications: 1948

Presentations: 4253



Funding Agencies

  • Lincoln County Montana
  • Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
  • USDA FS Northern Region


Cooperative Research Units Program Headquarters Cooperators

  1. U.S. Geological Survey