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Modeling migration of silver eels to forecast critical intervals of risk at hydrofacilities


July 2012 - July 2014


We propose to synthesize the available information on downstream migration into a modeling framework that can be used to predict migration of silver eels, using the Penobscot River as a model system. A predictive modeling framework will be adopted using a Bayesian forecasting approach . Bayesian forecasting has proven to be an effective way to use available information and summarize the probability of future scenarios. As such, they have become an important tool in ecological management. In addition, Bayesian forecasting models are adaptable such that they can be updated as new information becomes available.

Research Products and Activities


  • Sigourney, D. and Zydlewski, J.(2013) Modeling the downstream migration of silver American eel . The Nature Conservancy, Brunswick Maine. September 17. INVITED.

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  • Joseph ZydlewskiCo-Principal Investigator
  • Douglas SigourneyCo-Principal Investigator

Funding Agencies

  • The Nature Conservancy


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