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  • Kennedy, C. G. M. E. Mather, J. T. Finn, L. A. Deegan, and S. M. Pautzke. Determining acoustic receiver range in a shallow northeastern estuary with complex bathymetry: the role of habitat, depth and tide. Southern New England Chapter, American Fisheries Society, Groton, CT, January 2010.

  • Kennedy, C. G., M. E. Mather, J. T. Finn, L. A. Deegan. The geomorphological complexity of a New England estuary and its role in shaping seasonal habitat use and site fidelity of striped bass on a foraging migration. Contributed Paper, Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, Seattle, WA (September 2011)
  • Kennedy, C. G., M. E. Mather, J. T. Finn, L. A. Deegan. 2011. The complexity of habitat complexity: how physical features of a New England estuary shape seasonal habitat use of migratory striped bass. CERF Meeting, FL
  • Taylor, R., M. Mather, C. Kennedy, J. Smith, K. Gerber. Confluence network dynamics can create a spatial mosaic of potential top-down predator interactions
  • Mather, M., J. Smith, C. Kennedy, K. Gerber, R. Taylor. Mobile organisms in the ‘scape’: patterns, consequences, and challenges. Invited Symposium, American Fisheries Society, August 21-25, 2016
  • Mather, M.E., J. M. Smith, K. M. Gerber, R.B. Taylor. 2017. Resmo: Patterns of residence and movement across sites can provide novel insights into field distribution of mobile consumers in pelagic ecosystems. Invited presentation - Symposium: “Pelagic fish seascapes: Integration of new technology and modeling.” 147th Annual Meeting, American Fisheries Society, Tampa, Florida, August 20-24th, 2017.

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