Cooperative Research Units
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  • Smith, R.F. and A.H. Roy. 2014. Landscape and watershed predictors of insect and fish assemblage in Massachusetts streams. Annual Meeting of the New England Association of Environmental Biologists, 26-28 March 2014, Burlington, VT.
  • Smith, R.F. and A.H. Roy. 2014. How watershed and landscape land use are related should guide investigations of dispersal by stream biota in urbanizing landscapes. Third Symposium on Urbanization and Stream Ecology, 15-17 May 2014, Portland, Oregon.
  • Smith, R.F. and A.H. Roy. 2014. Thinking outside the shed: Examining landscape characteristics as part of management strategies for sustaining stream ecosystems. Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, 18-22 May 2014, Portland, OR.
  • Roy, A.H. and R.F. Smith. 2014. Investigating impacts of landscape development on stream fish and insect dispersal. Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, 17-21 August 2014, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
  • Smith, R.F., A.H. Roy, and R.L. Ryan. 2015. Are conservation lands good for streams? Assessing the spatial relationships of conservation lands to stream ecosystems in Massachusetts. New England Association of Environmental Biologists, 18-20 2015, Bartlett, NH.
  • Smith, R.F. and A.H. Roy. 2015. The effect of dispersal barriers on stream fish and insect assemblages in urban landscapes. Annual Meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science, 17-21 May 2015, Milwaukee, WI.
  • Smith, R.F., G.C. Gunderson, and A.H. Roy. 2015. Catchment land use and dispersal barriers affect fish and insect assemblage composition in urban streams. Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, 9-14, August 2015, Baltimore, MD

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 95

Masters Students: 239

Phd Students: 143

Post Docs: 53

University Staff: 239

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 701

Scientific Publications: 1949

Presentations: 4261



  • Allison RoyCo-Principal Investigator
  • Robert SmithPrincipal Investigator
  • Elizabeth BrabecCo-Principal Investigator
  • Laura McPhersonStudent
  • Alison TenhulzenStudent
  • Robert RyanCo-Principal Investigator

Funding Agencies

  • National Science Foundation/GEO


Cooperative Research Units Program Headquarters Cooperators

  1. U.S. Geological Survey