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Bettoli, P.W., G.D. Scholten, and D.W. Hubbs. 2010. Anchoring submersible ultrasonic receivers in river channels with stable substrate. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 30:989-992.

Anchor used to deploy submersible ultrasonic receivers in the Tennessee River


Abstract.—We developed an anchoring system for submersible ultrasonic receivers (SURs) that we placed on the bottom of the riverine reaches of three main-stem reservoirs in the upper Tennessee River. Each anchor consisted of steel tube (8.9 x 35.6 cm) welded vertically to a round plate of steel (5.1 x 40.6cm). All seven SURs and their 57-kg anchors were successfully deployed and retrieved three times over 547 d by a dive team employing surface air-breathing equipment and a davit equipped boat. All of the anchors and their SURs remained stationary over two consecutive winters on the hard-bottom,
thalweg sites where they were deployed. The SUR and its anchor at the most downriver site experienced flows that exceeded 2,100 m3/s and mean water column velocities of about 0.9 m/s.


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  • George Scholten

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