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Carl Lundblad

Carl Lundblad


  • MS University of Arizona 2014
  • BS University of New Mexico 2003


A native of New Mexico and Arizona, I've spent most of my life in the desert southwest exploring its wild lands as an enthusiastic traveler, hiker, birdwatcher, naturalist, and student of ecology.

Research Interests

I am primarily interested in avian ecology, life history evolution, and the management and conservation of non-game wildlife. Most of my research is focused on avian migration dynamics including such questions as how migratory behavior evolved and is maintained, what ultimate factors and proximate cues drive migratory movements, and which factors mediate different migratory decisions among individuals within a population. Because migration is driven by seasonal processes, an improved understanding of its causes will be critical to managing migratory populations on a rapidly-changing planet.


Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 6

Phd Students: 3

Post Docs: 1

University Staff: 4

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 24

Scientific Publications: 80

Presentations: 235


Contact Information


Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Cooperators

  1. Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  2. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  3. U.S. Geological Survey
  4. University of Idaho
  5. Wildlife Management Institute