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Dr. Bob Klaver

Bob Klaver


  • Ph D South Dakota State University 2001
  • MS University of Montana 1977
  • BS University of Montana 1974
  • BS Iowa State University 1971


I am a Wildlife Biologist who moved to Iowa in January 2012 from the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. While at EROS I worked in collaboration with faculty and students at South Dakota State University. Previously, I was the regional GIS coordinator for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Portland, OR. I also served as a wildlife biologist on the Flathead Indian Reservation working with multiple species and coordinated wildlife activies with other resourdes like forestry and range management.

Research Interests

My research spans a wide variety of collaborative projects on multiple wildlife taxa, from birds to bears. Much of this work has integrated remote sensing data with population biology and habitat use and selection.

Teaching Interests

I will be teaching an analysis of habitat selection class Spring 2013.

I have taught classes in the analysis of mark-recapture data.

Research Publications

  • Lang, B.J., P.M. Dixon, R.W. Klaver, J.R. Thompson, and M.P. Widrlechner. Characterizing urban butterfly populations: the case for purposive point-count surveys. Urban Ecosystems. 22:1083 - 1096 Abstract |  Download  | 
  • Stephenson, M.D., L.A. Schulte, and R.W. Klaver. 2019.Quantifying thermal imager effectiveness for detecting bird nest on farms. Wildlife Society Bulletin 43:302-307 Abstract |  Download  | 
  • Jacques, C.N., R.W. Klaver, T.C. Swearingen, E.D. Davis, C.R. Anderson, J.A. Jenks, C.S. DePerno, and R.D. Bluett. 2019. Estimating detection and density of bobcats with capture-mark-recapture data from camera traps. Wildlife Society Bulletin 43:256-264. Abstract |  Download  | 
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Current Projects

Completed Projects


  • Analysis of Populations (2014)
  • Conservation by Proxy (2014)
  • Analysis of Resource Selection (2013)
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Technical Publications

  • P. Graham, R. Penkal, S. McMullin, P. Schladweiler, H. Mays, V. Riggs, and R. Klaver. 1981. Montana Recommendations for Fish Wildlife Program. Submitted to the Pacific Northwest Electric Power and Conservation Planning Council, Portland, OR.

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 2

Phd Students: 2

Post Docs: 0

University Staff: 8

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 14

Scientific Publications: 44

Presentations: 51


Contact Information

Tel: (515) 294 - 7639

Current Students

Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Cooperators

  1. Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  2. Iowa State University
  3. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  4. U.S. Geological Survey
  5. Wildlife Management Institute