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Jason Bruggeman

Research Publications

  • Bruggeman, J.E., T. Swem, D.E. Andersen, P.L. Kennedy, and D. Nigro. 2016. Multi-season occupancy models identify abiotic and biotic factors influencing a recovering Arctic Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus tundrius population in a variable climate. Ibis 158:61-74. DOI:10.1111/ibi.12313. Download  | 
  • Bruggeman, J.E., T. Swem, D.E. Andersen, P.L. Kennedy, and D. Nigro. 2015. Dynamics of a recovering arctic bird population: the importance of climate, density dependence, and site quality. Ecological Applications 25:1932-1943. DOI:10.1890/ Download  | 
  • Bruggeman, J.E., D.E. Andersen, and J.E. Woodford. 2014. Factors related to northern goshawk landscape use in the western Great Lakes region. Journal of Raptor Research 48:228-239. Download  | 
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