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Susan Schroeder

Research Publications

  • Susan A. Schroeder, Louis Cornicelli, David C. Fulton & Steven S. Merchant (2019) The influence of motivation versus experience on recreation satisfaction: How appreciative- versus achievement-oriented recreation experience preferences relate to hunter satisfaction, Journal of Leisure Research, 50:2, 107-131, DOI: 10.1080/00222216.2018.1557502
  • Schroeder, S.A., D.C. Fulton, L. Cornicelli. How Minnesota wolf hunter and trapper attitudes and risk-benefit perceptions about wolves predict their management preferences.
  • Schroeder, S.A., D.C. Fulton, E. Alten, H. Baird, D. Dieterman, and M. Jennings. Factors influencing anglers’ support for fisheries management strategies: Habitat protection and restoration. Environmental Management (2018).
  • Schroeder, S.A., D.C. Fulton, L.J. Cornicelli, and S.S. Merchant. 2018. Discrete choice modeling of season choice for Minnesota turkey hunter. Journal of Wildlife Management 82(2): 457-465
    DOI: 10.1002/jwmg.21382

  • Schroeder, S.A., Cornicelli, L.J., Fulton, D.C., and Merchant, S. 2018. Explicit versus implicit motivations: Clarifying how experiences affect turkey hunter satisfaction using revised importance-performance, importance grid, and penalty-reward-contrast analyses. Human Dimensions of Wildlife 23(1) 1-20.
  • Schroeder, S.A. and D.C. Fulton. (2017). Voice, perceived fairness, agency trust and acceptance of management decisions among Minnesota anglers. Society & Natural Resources, 30:5, 569-584.
    DOI: 10.1080/08941920.2016.1238987
  • Schroeder, S.A., D.C. Fulton and K. DonCarlos. (2016). Clarifying beliefs underlying hunter intentions to support a ban on lead shot. Society & Natural Resources, 29,7, 852-867.
  • S.A. Schroeder and D.C. Fulton. (2015). A replication of a factor analysis of motivations for trapping. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 20, 3, 280-283.
  • Schroeder, S., Cornicelli, L., Fulton, D. and Grund, M. (2014). What predicts support for Antler Point Restrictions? Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 19:301-318.
  • Schroeder, S.A., Fulton, D.C., Lawrence, J.S., and Cordts, S.D. 2014. Legitimization of regulatory norms: Waterfowl hunter acceptance of changing duck bag limits. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 19: 234-252
  • Schroeder, S.A. and Fulton, D.C. 2013. Comparing catch orientation among walleye, northern pike and bass anglers. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 18, 355-372.
  • Schroeder, S. A. and Fulton, D.C. 2013. Public lakes, private lakeshore: Modeling protection of native aquatic plants. In review. Environmental Management, 52,1, 989-112.
  • Schroeder, S.A., D.C. Fulton, J. Lawrence, and S. Cordts. 2013. Identification and specialization as a waterfowl hunter. Leisure Sciences, 35, 3, 218-234.
  • Schroeder, S. A., and Fulton, D. C. 2010. Land of 10, 000 lakes and 2. 3 million anglers: conflict, crowding, and coping among Minnesota anglers. Journal of Leisure Research 42(2), 291-316.
  • Schroeder, S. A., Fulton, D. C., Nemeth, M. E., Sigurdson, R. E., and Walsh, R. J. Fishing in the Neighborhood: Understanding motivations and constraints for angling among Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota metro residents, In Urban Fishing Symposium. American Fisheries Society Symposium xx. Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Schroeder, S. A., Fulton, D. C., Currie, L., Goeman, T. 2006. He said, she said: Gender and angling specialization, motivations, ethics and behaviors. Human Dimensions of Wildlife 11: 301-315.
  • Schroeder, S. A., D. C. Fulton, and J. Lawrence. 2006. A typology of waterfowl hunters in Minnesota. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 34(2):380-387.

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Unit Leader

David Andersen
David Andersen with a wolf-killed caribou near Cape Churchill, Manitoba

I serve as the Leader of the Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, having come to the MN Unit in 1989 as the Assistant Leader-Wildlife. I am a U.S. Geological Survey Wildlife Research Biologist, and my research focus is in the area of avian population ecology and conservation. I am currently working with American woodcock in Minnesota, golden-winged warblers in the western Great Lakes region, Eastern Population sandhill cranes, and tundra peregrines in Alaska.

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