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Robert Bramblett

Technical Publications

  • Reinhold, A. M., R. G. Bramblett, and A. V. Zale. 2014. Anthropogenic habitat change effects on fish assemblages of the middle and lower Yellowstone River. Completion Report to the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Technical Advisory Committee, Yellowstone River Conservation District Council. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks University Research Completion Report Series Number 2014-01.
  • Duncan, M. B., R. G. Bramblett, and A. V. Zale. 2012. Distribution, habitats, and tributary linkages of small and nongame fishes in the lower Yellowstone River. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks University Research Completion Report Series Number 2012-01.
  • Davis, W. N., A. V. Zale, and R. G. Bramblett. 2008. Effects of colabed natural gas development on fish assemblages in tributary streams in the Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming. Final Report to The Wild Fish Habitat Initiative, Montana University System Water Center, Bozeman, Montana. 125 pages.
  • Davis, W. N., R. G. Bramblett, and A. V. Zale. 2006. Literature review and development of a study plan to assess the effects of coalbed natural gas activities on fish assemblages. Final Report to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Miles City, Montana. 79 pages.
  • Bramblett, R. G., T. R. Johnson, A. V. Zale, and D. Heggem. 2003. Development of biotic integrity indices for prairie streams in Montana using fish, macroinvertebrate, and diatom assemblages. Final report to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 96 pages.

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