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Hannah Birge

Research Publications

  • Gunderson, L., B. A. Cosens, B. C. Chaffin, C. A. (T.) Arnold, A. K. Fremier, A. S. Garmestani, R. K. Craig, H. Gosnell, H. E. Birge, C. R. Allen, M. H. Benson, R. R. Morrison, M. C. Stone, J. A. Hamm, K. Nemec, E. Schlager, and D. Llewellyn. 2017. Regime shifts and panarchies in regional scale social-ecological water systems. Ecology and Society 22(1):31.
  • Allen, C. R., J. Slater, E. Wiggers and H. Birge. 2017. The invasive ant, Solenopsis invicta, reduces herpetofauna richness and abundance. Biological Invasions 19: 713-722.
  • Birgé, H.E., C.R. Allen, D.G. Angeler, S.G. Baer, R.A. Bevans and D.H. Wall. 2016.
    Adaptive management for soil ecosystem services. Journal of Environmental
    Management 183: 371-378.

  • Allen, C.R., H.E. Birge, S.L. Bartelt-Hunt, R.A. Bevans, J.L. Burnett, B.A. Cosens, X Cai, A.S. Garmestani, I. Linkov, E.A. Scott, M.D. Solomon and D.R. Uden. 2016. Avoiding
    decline: Fostering resilience and sustainability in midsize cities. Sustainability 8: 844-868.

  • Birgé, H. E., C. R. Allen, A. S. Garmestani, and K. L. Pope. 2016. Adaptive management for ecosystem services. Journal of Environmental Management 183:343-352. Download  | 
  • Birge, H.E, C.R Allen, R.K. Craig, A.S. Garmestani, J.A. Hamm, C. Babbitt, K. Nemec,
    and E. Schlager. 2014. Social-Ecological Resilience and Law in the Platte River Basin.
    Idaho Law Review 51:229 - 256.
  • Angeler, D.G., C.R. Allen, H.E. Birge, B.G. McKie, R.K. Johnson. 2014. Assessing and managing freshwater ecosystems vulnerable to global change. Ambio 43:113-125.
  • Myers, P.E., H. Birge, and C.R. Allen. Consuming fire ants reduces northern bobwhite survival and weight gain. Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology 30:49-58.

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 3

Masters Students: 10

Phd Students: 15

Post Docs: 3

University Staff: 26

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 35

Scientific Publications: 110

Presentations: 192


Contact Us

Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Lincoln, NE 68583-0984 Phone: (402) 472 - 0449 Fax: (402) 472 - 2722 Our University Web Site

Unit Leader

Craig Allen

Craig Allen received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida, and MS from Texas Tech University.


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