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New_Mexico Education Activities

Courses Taught

  • Aquatic Contaminants and Toxicology (Colleen Caldwell 2017)
  • Large Mammal Ecology, Management, and Conservation (James Cain 2016)
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes What makes a fish, a fish. Course covers physiological basis of fish biology. Students gave me 99% out of 100% approval rating. (Colleen Caldwell 2016)
  • Wildlife-habitat Relationships (James Cain 2015)
  • Aquatic Contaminants and Toxicology (Colleen Caldwell 2015)
  • Large Mammal Ecology, Management, and Conservation (James Cain 2014)
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes (Colleen Caldwell 2014)
  • Wildlife-habitat Relationships (James Cain 2013)
  • Large Mammal Ecology, Management, and Conservation This course will cover aspects large mammal ecology, management and conservation.
    The goal of the course is not to provide an in depth analysis or discussion of all lines of
    scientific inquiry into the ecology of large mammals, but rather to introduce students to
    some of the major topics of research in large mammal ecology, particularly those with
    relevance to management and conservation. During this course we will discuss aspects
    of foraging ecology, resource and habitat selection, competition and resource
    partitioning, predation and population dynamics.
    (James Cain 2012)
  • Enivornmental Biology of Fishes (Colleen Caldwell 2012)
  • Wildlife-habitat Relationships (James Cain 2011)
  • Aquatic Contaminants and Toxicology (Colleen Caldwell 2011)
  • Field Methods for Wildlife and Conservation (James Cain 2010)
  • Quantitative Biology (James Cain 2010)
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes (Colleen Caldwell 2010)
  • Graduate Quantitative Biology (James Cain 2009)
  • Geospatial Mapping (James Cain 2009)
  • Quantitative Biology (James Cain 2009)
  • Quantitative Biology (James Cain 2009)
  • Wildlife-habitat Relationships (James Cain 2009)
  • Aquatic Contaminants and Toxicology (Colleen Caldwell 2009)
  • Quantitative Biology (James Cain 2008)
  • Wildlife Management I (James Cain 2008)
  • Environmental Physiology of Fishes (Colleen Caldwell 2008)
  • Populations and Resources Course covered population dynamics, demographic processes, behavioral ecology of resource use, predator-prey and plant-herbivore interactions, competition, parasites and pathogens, food chains and webs, metapopulation dynamics, and population viability analysis. (James Cain 2007)
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes (Colleen Caldwell 2006)
  • Aquatic Contaminants and Toxicology (Colleen Caldwell 2005)
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes (Colleen Caldwell 2004)
  • Aquatic Contaminants and Toxicology (Colleen Caldwell 2003)
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes (Colleen Caldwell 2002)
  • Aquatic Contaminants and Toxicology (Colleen Caldwell 2001)

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 15

Phd Students: 5

Post Docs: 2

University Staff: 3

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 22

Scientific Publications: 48

Presentations: 150


New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Cooperators

  1. New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
  2. New Mexico State University
  3. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  4. U.S. Geological Survey