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Suresh Andrew Sethi

Research Publications

  • Wolf N, Harris B, Richard N, Sethi SA, Lomac-MacNair K, Parker L. (2018) High-frequency aerial surveys inform the seasonal distribution of Cook Inlet beluga whales. Wildlife Society Bulletin In press.
  • Calvert J, McGonigle C, Sethi SA, Harris B, Quinn R, Grabowski J. Dynamic occupancy modelling of temperate marine fish in area-based closures. Ecology and evolution In press Abstract | 
  • Pendleton R, Standley CR, Higgs AL, Kenney GH, Sullivan PJ, Sethi SA, Harris B. (2018) Acoustic telemetry and benthic habitat mapping informs the spatial ecology of Shortnose Sturgeon in the Hudson River, NY, USA. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society In press. Abstract | 
  • Sethi S.A., W. Larson, K. Turnquist, and D. Isermann. 2018. Estimating the number of contributors to DNA mixtures provides a novel tool for ecology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Bradley C, Harris F. (2018) Separate tagging versus capture impacts on chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) freshwater spawning migration travel time performance? Fisheries Management and Ecology 25: 296-303. Abstract | 
  • Shi Q, Garcia R, Flecker A, Sethi SA, Gomes C. (2018) Efficiently optimizing for dendritic connectivity on tree-structured networks in a multi-objective framework. Conference on Computation and Sustainable Society 2018. Abstract | 
  • Wu X, Gomes-Selman J, Shi Q, Yexiang Xue, Garcia R, Anderson E, Sethi SA, Steinschneider S, Flecker A, Gomes C. (2018) Efficiently approximating the pareto frontier: hydropower dam placement in the Amazon basin. Proceedings of the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Abstract | 
  • Bradley C, Sethi SA, Ashline J, Gerken J. (2017) Cohort-specific variation in juvenile coho salmon habitat use. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 26:695-706. DOI: 10.1111/eff.12317 Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, O'Hanley JR, Gerken J, Ashline J, Bradley C. (2017) High value of ecological information for river connectivity restoration. Landscape Ecology 32: 2327-2336. Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Carey MP, Morton J, Guerron-Orejuela E, Decino R, Willette M, Boersma J, Jablonski J, Anderson C. (2017) Rapid response for invasive waterweeds at the arctic invasion front: assessment of collateral impacts from herbicide treatments. Biological Conservation 212:300-309. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi, S.A., Gerken, J., Ashline, J. (2017) Accurate aging of juvenile salmonids using fork lengths. Fisheries Research 185:161-168. DOI:
  • Walsh P, Sethi SA, Lake B, Mangipane B, Nielson R, Lowe S. (2016) Estimating denning date of wolves with daily movement and GPS location fix failure. Wildlife Society Bulletin. Wildlife Society Bulletin 40:663-668. DOI: 10.1002/wsb.703 Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Linden D, Wenburg J, Lewis C, Lemons P, Fuller A, Hare M. (2016) Accurate recapture identification for genetic mark-recapture studies with error-tolerant likelihood-based match calling and sample clustering. Royal Society Open Science 3: 160457. DOI: 10.1098/rsos.160457 .
  • Carey M, Sethi SA, Larsen S, Rich C. (2016) A primer on potential impacts, management priorities, and future directions for Elodea spp. in high latitude systems: learning from the Alaskan experience. Hydrobiologia 777:1-19. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Kaiser MJ, et al. (2016) Prioritisation of knowledge needs to achieve best practices for bottom-trawling in relation to seabed habitats. Fish and Fisheries 17:637-663. DOI: 10.1111/faf.12134 Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Bradley C. (2016) Statistical arrival models to estimate missed passage counts at fish weirs. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 73:1251-1260. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Micheli F, Heiman KW, Kappel CV, Martone RL, Sethi SA, Osio GC, Fraschetti S, Shelton AO, Tanner JM. (2016) Combined impacts of natural and human disturbances on rocky shore communities. Ocean and Coastal Management 126:42-50. DOI: Abstract | 
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (2016) Conservation Framework for Yukon River Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha). U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Technical Report, Anchorage, AK, U.S.A., 112 pp.
  • Ray J, Sethi SA, Joyce JE, Eiler JH. (2015) Prespawning movements and spawning distribution of Sockeye Salmon in an urbanizing Alaskan lake. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 6:472-485. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Hollmen T. (2015) Conceptual models for marine and freshwater systems in Alaska: flexible tools for research planning, prioritization and communication. Arctic 68:422-434. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Clark SC, Tanner TL, Sethi SA, Bentley KT, Schindler DE. (2015) Migration timing of adult Chinook salmon into the Togiak River (Alaska) watershed: Is there evidence for stock structure? Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 144:829-836. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Lemons PR, Marshall TC, McCloskey SE, Sethi SA, Schmutz JA, Sedinger JS. (2015) A new likelihood-based approach for assessment of extra-pair paternity and conspecific brood parasitism in natural populations. Molecular Ecology Resources 15:107-116. DOI: 10.1111/1755-0998.12287 Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Tanner T. (2014) Spawning distribution and abundance of a northern Chinook population. Fisheries Management and Ecology 21:427-438. DOI: 10.1111/fme.12091 Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Reimer M, Knapp G. (2014) Alaskan fishing community revenues and the stabilizing role of fishing portfolios. Marine Policy 48:134-141. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Cook G, Lemons P, Wenburg J. (2014) Guidelines for MSAT and SNP panels that lead to high quality data for genetic mark recapture studies. Canadian Journal of Zoology 92:515-526. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Riggs W, Knapp G. (2014) Metrics to monitor the status of Alaskan fishing communities: a state-of-the-State retrospective 1980-2010. Ocean and Coastal Management 88:21-30. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Tanner T. (2013) Bayesian implementation of a time stratified Lincoln-Petersen estimator for salmon abundance in the Matanuska River, Alaska, USA. Fisheries Research 145:90-99. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Benolkin E. (2013) Detection efficiency and habitat use to inform inventory and monitoring efforts: juvenile Coho salmon in the Knik River basin, Alaska. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22:398-411. DOI: 10.1111/eff.12034 Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Dalton M, Hilborn R. (2012) Managing harvest risk with catch pooling cooperatives. ICES Journal of Marine Science 69:1038-1044. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Dalton M. (2012) Risk measures for natural resource management: description, simulation testing and R code with fisheries examples. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 3:150-157. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Dalton M, Hilborn R. (2012) Quantitative risk measures applied to Alaskan commercial fisheries. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 69:487-498. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA. (2010) Risk management for fisheries. Fish and Fisheries 11:341-65. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-2979.2010.00363.x Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Branch TA, Watson R. (2010) Global fishery development patterns are driven by profit but not tropic level. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107:12163-7. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1003236107 Abstract | 
  • Hamel O, Sethi SA, Wadsworth TF. (2009) Status and future prospects for Lingcod in waters off Washington, Oregon, and California as assessed in 2009. In Pacific Fishery Management Council, 2009. Status of Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery through 2009 and Recommendations for Accepted Biological Catches for 2009. Publisher Website | 
  • Sethi SA, Hilborn R. (2008) Interactions between poaching and management policy affect marine reserves as conservation tools. Biological Conservation.141:506-16. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Doyle MW, Stanley EH, Orr CH, Selle AR, Sethi SA, Harbor JM. (2005) Stream ecosystem response to small dam removal: lessons from the Heartland. Geomorphology 71:227-44. DOI: Abstract | 
  • Sethi SA, Selle AR, Doyle MW, Stanley EH, Kitchel HE. (2004) Response of Unionid mussels to a dam removal in Koshkonong Creek, USA. Hydrobiologia 525:157-65. Abstract | 

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Angela Fuller
Angela Fuller, Assistant Leader, Wildlife

Angela is a Research Wildlife Biologist and the Leader of the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University

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