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Dr. Tyler Wagner

Research Publications

  • White, S.L., W.L. Miller, S.A. Dowell, M.L. Bartron, and T. Wagner. Accepted. Limited hatchery introgression into wild brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) populations despite reoccurring stocking. Evolutionary Applications.
  • Wagner, T. and E.M. Schliep. Combining nutrient, productivity, and landscape-based regressions improves predictions of lake nutrients and provides insight into nutrient coupling at macroscales.
  • Schall, M.K., V.S. Blazer, H.L. Walsh, G.D. Smith, T. Wertz, and T. Wagner. Spatial and temporal variability of myxozoan parasite prevalence in young of the year smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania
  • Yuan, S., J. Zhou, P-N., Tan, E. Fergus, T. Wagner, and P.A. Soranno. 2017. Multi-Level Multi-Task Learning for Nested Geospatial Data. The IEEE International Conference on Data Mining series (ICDM).
  • Stow, C.A., K.E. Webster, T. Wagner, N. Lottig, P.A. Soranno, C. YoonKynug. 2018. Small Values in Big Data: The Continuing Need for Appropriate Metadata. Ecological Informatics 45:26-30.
  • Oliver, S.K., C.E. Fergus, N.K. Skaff, T. Wagner, P-N. Tan, K.S. Cheruvelil, and P.A. Soranno. Strategies for effective collaborative manuscript development in interdisciplinary science teams. Ecosphere.
  • Massie, D.L., G.D. Smith, T.F. Bonvechio, A.J. Bunch. D.O. Lucchesi, T. Wagner. 2018. Spatial variability and macroscale drivers of growth for native and introduced Flathead Catfish populations. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 147:554-565.
  • Schall, M.K., V.S. Blazer, R.M. Lorantas, G.D. Smith, J.E. Mullican, B.J. Keplinger, T. Wagner. In press. Quantifying Temporal Trends in Fisheries Abundance using Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models: A Case-Study of Riverine Smallmouth Bass Populations. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.
  • Filstrup, C.T., T. Wagner, S.K. Oliver, C.A. Stow, K.E. Webster, E.H. Stanley, and J.A. Downing. 2018. Evidence for regional nitrogen stress on chlorophyll a in lakes across large landscape and climate gradients. Limnology and Oceanography.
  • DeWeber, J.T. and T. Wagner. 2018. Probabilistic measures of climate change vulnerability, adaptation action benefits, and related uncertainty from maximum temperature metric selection. Global Change Biology.
  • Irwin, B., T Wagner, and J. R. Bence. 2018. Characterization of Spatial and Temporal Variability in Fishes in Response to Climate Change. Project completion report [extended abstract], Northeast Climate Science Center.
  • Lottig, N.R., P.-N. Tan, T. Wagner, K.S. Cheruvelil, P.A. Soranno, E.H. Stanley, C.E. Scott, C.A. Stow, and S. Yuan. 2017. Macroscale patterns of synchrony identify complex relationships among spatial and temporal ecosystem drivers. Ecosphere 8(12).
  • Li, Y., T. Wagner, Y. Jiao, R. Lorants, and C.A Murphy. Accepted. Evaluating spatial and temporal variability in growth and mortality for recreational fisheries with limited catch data. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.
  • Soranno, P.A., L.C. Bacon, M. Beauchene, K.E. Bednar, E.G. Bissell, C.K. Boudreau, M.G. Boyer, M.T. Bremigan, S.R. Carpenter, J.W. Carr and 70 co-authors. LAGOS-NE: A multi-scaled geospatial temporal database of lake ecological context and water quality for thousands of U.S. Lakes. In press. GigaScience.
  • Cheruvelil, S. K., S. Yuan, K.E. Webster, P-N Tan, J.F. Lapierre, S.M. Collins, C.E. Fergus, C.E. Scott, E.N. Henry, P.A. Soranno, C.T. Filstrup, T. Wagner. Creating multi-themed ecological regions for macrosystems ecology: Testing a flexible, repeatable, and accessible clustering method. Ecology and Evolution 7:3046-3058.
  • Oliver, S.k., S.M. Collins, P.A. Soranno, T. Wagner, E.H. Stanley, J.R. Jones, C.A. Stow, and N.R. Lottig. 2017. Unexpected stasis in a changing world: Lake nutrient and chlorophyll trends since 1990. Global Change Biology 23:5455–5467 DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13810
  • Collins, S.M., S.K. Oliver, J.F. Lapierre, E.H. Stanley, J.R. Jones, T. Wagner. and P.A. Soranno. 2017. Lake nutrient stoichiometry is less predictable than nutrient concentrations at regional and sub-continental scales. Ecological Applications 27:1529-1540.
  • Schall, M.K., M.L. Bartron, T. Wertz, J. Niles, V.S. Blazer, and T. Wagner. 2017. Evaluation of genetic population structure of Smallmouth Bass in the Susquehanna River Basin, PA. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 37:729-740.
  • Sweka, J.A., L.A. Davis, T. Wagner. 2017. Fall and winter survival of brook and brown trout in a North-Central Pennsylvania watershed. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 146:744-752. Download  | 
  • Vidal, T. E., B. J. Irwin, T. Wagner, L. G. Rudstam, J. R. Jackson, and J. R. Bence. 2017. Using Variance Structure to Quantify Responses to Perturbation in Fish Catches. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 146:584-593. [Featured Article] Abstract | 
  • Hansen, G.J.A., S.R. Midway, T. Wagner. 2017. Walleye recruitment is less resilient to warming water temperatures in lakes with abundant largemouth bass populations. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.
  • Grossman, G.D., R.F. Carline, and T. Wagner. Brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Spruce Creek Pennsylvania: a quarter-century perspective. 2017. Freshwater Biology 62:1143-1154.
  • Wagner, T. J.B. Whittier, J.T. DeWeber, S.R. Midway, and C.P. Paukert. 2017. Annual changes in seasonal river water temperatures in the eastern and western United States. Water 9(2), 90; doi:10.3390/w9020090
  • Midway, S.R., C.T. Hasler, T. Wagner, and C.D. Suski. 2017. Predation of freshwater fish in elevated carbon dioxide environments. Marine and Freshwater Resources 68:1585-1592.
  • Peoples, B., S.R. Midway, J.T. DeWeber, and T. Wagner. 2018. Catchment scale determinants of nonindigenous minnow richness in the eastern United States. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 27:138-145.
  • Fergus, C.E., A.O. Finley, P.A. Soranno, T. Wagner. 2016. Spatial Variation in Nutrient and Water Color Effects on Lake Chlorophyll at Macroscales. PLoS ONE 11(10): e0164592.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0164592.
  • White, S.L., T. Wagner, C. Gowand, and V.A. Braithwaite. 2017. Can personality predict individual differences in brook trout spatial learning ability? Behavioural Processes 141:220-228.
  • Midway, S.R., T. Wagner, J.D. Zydlewski, B.J. Irwin, and C.P. Paukert. 2016. Transboundary Fisheries Science: Meeting the Challenges of Inland Fisheries Management in the 21st Century. Fisheries 41:537-546. Download  | 
  • Wagner, T., C.E. Fergus, C.A. Stow, K.S. Cheruvelil, and P.A. Soranno. 2016. The statistical power to detect cross-scale interactions at macroscales. Ecosphere. 7(7):e01417. Download  | 
  • Wagner, T., S.R. Midway, T. Vidal, B.J. Irwin, and J.R. Jackson. 2016. Detecting unusual temporal patterns in fisheries time series data. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 145:786-794. Abstract |  Download  | 
  • Oliver, S.K., P.A. Soranno, C.E. Fergus, T. Wagner, L.A. Winslow, C.E. Scott, K.E. Webster, J.A. Downing, and E.A. Stanley. 2016. Prediction of lake depth across a 17-state region in the U.S. Inland Waters 6:314-324. Download  | 
  • Davis, L.A. and T. Wagner. 2016. Scale-dependent seasonal pool habitat use by sympatric wild Brook Trout and Brown Trout populations. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 145:888-902. Download  | 
  • Midway, S.R. and T. Wagner. 2015. The first description of oarfish Regalecus glesne (Regalecidae) ageing structures. Journal of Applied Ichthyology.
  • DeWeber, J.T. and T. Wagner. 2015. Translating climate change effects into everyday language: an example of more driving and less angling. Fisheries 40:395-398. Download  | 
  • Soranno, P.A., K.S. Cheruvelil, T. Wagner, K.E. Webster, and M.T. Bremigan. 2015. Effects of land use on lake nutrients: The importance of scale, hydrologic connectivity, and region. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0135454.
    Download  | 
  • Smith, L.A., T. Wagner, M.L. Bartron. 2015. Spatial and temporal movement dynamics of brook Salvelinus fontinalis and brown trout Salmo trutta. Environmental Biology of Fishes 98:2049-2065. Download  | 
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  • Midway, S. R., T. Wagner, S. Arnott, P. Biondo, F. Martinez-Andrade, and T. Wadsworth. 2015. Spatial and temporal variability in growth of southern flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma). Fisheries Research 167:323-332.
  • Midway, S., T. Wagner, B. H. Tracy, G. M. Hogue, and W.C. Starnes. 2015. Evaluating changes in stream fish species richness over a 50-year time-period within a landscape context. Environmental Biology of Fishes 98:1295-1309. Abstract | 
  • DeWeber, J.T and T. Wagner. 2015. Predicting Brook Trout occurrence in stream reaches throughout their native range in the eastern United States. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 144:11-24. Download  | 
  • DePasquale, C., T. Wagner, G.A. Archard, B. Ferguson, and V.A. Braithwaite. 2014. Learning rate and temperament in a high predation risk environment. Oecologia 176:661-667.
  • Wagner, T. and S.R. Midway. 2014. Modeling spatially varying landscape change points in species occurrence thresholds. Ecosphere 5(11):145. Download  | 
  • Kepler, M.V., T. Wagner, and J.A. Sweka. 2014. Comparative bioenergetics modeling of two Lake Trout morphotypes. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 143:1592–1604. Download  | 
  • Midway, S. M., T. Wagner. and Tracy, B. 2014. A hierarchical community occurrence model for North Carolina stream fish. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 143:1348-1357. Download  | 
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  • Diefenbach, D. R., T. Wagner and G. E. Stauffer. 2014. Setting Objectives for Managing Key Deer. U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Cooperator Science Series FWS/CSS-106-2014,Washington, D.C. Download  | 
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  • Rennie, M.D., M.P. Ebener, and T. Wagner. 2012. Can migration mitigate the effects of ecosystem change? Patterns of dispersal, energy acquisition and allocation in Great Lakes lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis). Proceedings of the 10th Annual Coregonid Symposium. Advances in Limnology 63:455-476. Download  | 
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  • Wagner, T. and C.M. Falter. 2002. Response of an aquatic macrophyte community to fluctuating water levels in an oligotrophic lake. Lake and Reservoir Management 18:52-65.

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Duane R. Diefenbach

Upon completion of my Ph.D. I worked for the Pennsylvania Game Commission as their biometrician for 7 years. There I began my current research involving grassland sparrows and black bears. Since 1999 I have been a research scientist with the Pennsylvania Unit and enjoy the challenges in integrating research to improve management decisions.


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