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Dr. Joshua Stafford

Research Publications

  • Behney, A.C., R. O’Shaughnessy, M.W. Eichholz, and J.D. Stafford. 2018. Indirect risk effects reduce feeding efficiency of ducks during spring. Ecology and Evolution 8:961–972. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.3714
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  • Hennig, J., T. Benson, J. Stafford, A. Yetter, H. Hagy, and K. Stodola. In Press. A grid-based stratified-sampling method to estimate spring-migrating duck abundance. Wildlife Society Bulletin. Submitted 22 June 2016, Accepted 30 May 2017
  • Hagy, H.M, J.D. Stafford, R.V. Smith, A.P. Yetter, C.S. Hine, M.M. Horath, and C. Whelan. 2017. Opportunity costs influence food selection and giving-up density of dabbling ducks. Journal of Avian Biology 48:804–814. DOI: 10.1111/jav.01275.
  • Pfrimmer, J., Gigliotti, L., Stafford, J., Schumann, D., & Bertrand, K. (2017). Motivations for enrollment into the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program in the James River Basin of South Dakota. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 22(4):382-389. Abstract | 
  • Janke, A.K., M.J. Anteau, and J.D. Stafford. 2017. Long-term spatial heterogeneity in mallard distribution in their core North American breeding range. Wildlife Society Bulletin 41:116–124. DOI: 10.1002/wsb.747.
  • Sass, G.G., A.L. Rypel, and J.D. Stafford. 2017. Fisheries Habitat Management: Lessons learned from Wildlife Ecology and a Proposal for Change. Fisheries 42: 197–209. DOI: 10.1080/03632415.2017.1276344
  • Hagy, H.M., C.S. Hine, M.M. Horath, A.P. Yetter, R.V. Smith, and J.D. Stafford. 2016. Waterbird response indicates floodplain wetland restoration. Hydrobiologia
  • Cressey, R., J.E. Austin, and J.D. Stafford. 2016. Three responses of wetland conditions to climatic extremes in the Prairie Pothole Region. Wetlands. DOI 10.1007/s13157-016-0818-8
  • Hine, C.S., H.M. Hagy, M.M. Horath, A.P. Yetter, R.V. Smith, and J.D. Stafford. 2016. Response of aquatic vegetation communities and other wetland cover types to floodplain restoration at Emiquon Preserve. Hydrobiologia. DOI 10.1007/s10750-016-2893-5
  • Stafford, J. D., A. K. Janke, E. B. Webb, and S. R. Chipps. 2016. Invertebrates in Managed Waterfowl Marshes. Pages 565-600 in D. Batzer and D. Boix, editors. Invertebrates in Freshwater Wetlands: An international perspective on their ecology. Springer.
  • Graff, B.J., J. A. Jenks, J. D. Stafford, K. C. Jensen, and T. W. Grovenburg. 2016. Assessing spring direct mortality of avifauna from wind energy facilities in the Dakotas. Journal of Wildlife Management. DOI: 10.1002/jwmg.1051
  • Sidie-Slettedahl, A. M., K. C. Jensen, R. R. Johnson, T. W. Arnold, J. E. Austin, and J. D. Stafford. 2015. Evaluation of autonomous recording units for detecting three species of secretive marsh birds. Wildlife Society Bulletin 39:626-634
  • Janke, A. K., M. J. Anteau, N. Markl, and J. D. Stafford. 2015. Is income breeding an appropriate construct for North American ducks? Journal of Ornithology. DOI 10.1007/s10336-015-1200-y
  • Stafford, J. D., A. K. Janke, M. J. Anteau, A. T. Pearse, A. D. Fox, J. Elmberg, J. N. Straub, M. W. Eichholz, and C. Arzel. 2014. Spring migration of waterfowl in the northern hemisphere: a conservation perspective. Wildfowl Special Issue 4:70-85
  • Behney, A. C., R. O’Shaughnessy, M. W. Eichholz, and J. D. Stafford. 2014. Influence of item distribution pattern and abundance on efficiency of benthic core sampling. Wetlands. DOI 10.1007/s13157-014-0570-x Abstract | 
  • Mammenga, P. D., J. D. Stafford, and M. Grovijahn. 2014. Waterfowl Nesting Structures. Pages 277-308 in K. C. Jensen, K. F. Higgins and S. J. Vaa, editors. A History of Waterfowl Management, Research, and Hunting in South Dakota.
  • Hagy, H. M., A. P. Yetter, K. W. Stodola, M. M. Horath, C. S. Hine, M. P. Ward, T. J. Benson, R. V. Smith, and J. D. Stafford. 2014. Stopover duration of mallards during autumn in the Illinois River valley. Journal of Wildlife Management 78:747–752.
  • O’Neal, B. J., J. D. Stafford, and R. P. Larkin. 2014. Migrating ducks in inland North America ignore major rivers as leading lines? Ibis. DOI 10.1111/ibi.12193.
  • Levengood, J. M., R. V. Smith, D. A. Gay, M. A. Davis, and J. D. Stafford. 2014. Mercury in migrating shorebirds in the Illinois River valley. Waterbirds 37:225-229.
  • Pearse, A. T. and J. D. Stafford. 2014. Error propagation in energetic carrying capacity models. Journal of Conservation Planning 10:17-24. Download  | 
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  • Dassow, J., M. W. Eichholz, J. D. Stafford, and P. J. Weatherhead. 2012. Experimental evidence that nesting ducks use mammalian urine to assess predator abundance. Auk 129:638–644.
  • Stafford, J. D., M. W. Eichholz, and A. C. Phillips. 2012. Mute Swans (Cygnus olor) on submerged aquatic vegetation in Illinois River valley backwaters. Wetlands 32:851–857.
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  • O’Neal, B. J., J. D. Stafford, and R. P. Larkin. 2012. Stopover duration of fall-migrating dabbling ducks. Journal of Wildlife Management 76:285–293. Download  | 
  • Dassow, J., M. W. Eichholz, J. D. Stafford, and P. J. Weatherhead. 2012. Increased nest defence of upland-nesting ducks in response to experimentally reduced risk of nest predation. Journal of Avian Biology 43:61-67
  • Ruebush, B. C., G. G. Sass, J. H. Chick, and J. D. Stafford. 2012. In-Situ tests of sound-bubble-strobe light barrier technologies to prevent range expansions of Asian carp. Aquatic Invasions 7:37–48. Download  | 
  • Stafford, J. D., A. P. Yetter, C. S. Hine, R. V. Smith, and M. M. Horath. 2011. Seed abundance for waterfowl in wetlands managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 2:1–11. Abstract |  Download  |  Publisher Website | 
  • Stafford, J. D., R. M. Kaminski, and K. J. Reinecke. 2010. Avian foods, foraging, and habitat conservation in world rice fields. Waterbirds 33 (Special Publication 1): 133–150. Download  | 
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  • O’Neal, B. J., J. D. Stafford, and R. P. Larkin. 2010. Waterfowl on weather radar: applying ground-truth to classify and quantify bird movements. Journal of Field Ornithology 81:71–82. Download  | 
  • O’Neal, B. J., J. D. Stafford, and R. P. Larkin. 2010. Waterfowl on weather radar: applying ground-truth to classify and quantify bird movements. Journal of Field Ornithology 81:71–82. Download  | 
  • Stafford, J. D., A. T. Pearse, C. S. Hine, M. M. Horath, and A. P. Yetter. 2010. Factors associated with hunter success for ducks on state-owned lands in Illinois. Wildlife Biology 16:113–122. Download  | 
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  • O’Neal, B. J., E. J. Heske, and J. D. Stafford. 2008. Monitoring and modeling waterbird response to wetlands restored through the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. Journal of Wildlife Management 72:654–664. Download  | 
  • Stafford, J. D. and A. T. Pearse. 2007. Survival of radio-marked ducklings in eastern South Dakota. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 119:585–591. Download  | 
  • Stafford, J. D., M. M. Horath, A. P. Yetter, C. S. Hine, and S. P. Havera. 2007. Wetland use by mallards during spring and fall in the Illinois and Central Mississippi River Valleys. Waterbirds 30:394–402. Download  | 
  • Irons, K. S., G. G. Sass, M. A. McClelland, and J. D. Stafford. 2007. Reduced condition factor of two native fish species coincident with invasion of non-native Asian carps in the Illinois River, USA: Is this evidence for competition and reduced fitness? Journal of Fish Biology (Supplement D) 71:258–273. Download  | 

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Unit Leader

Steven Chipps
Dr. Steven R. Chipps, Unit Leader-Professor

I serve as the Unit Leader of the South Dakota Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit. My research interests include feeding ecology and energetics of fishes, and my students and I are currently working on trout management in the Black Hills, and pallid sturgeon ecology in the Missouri River. Originally from Virginia, I attended the University of Idaho (Ph.D.), West Virginia University (M.S.) and Davis & Elkins College (B.S.).

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