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South Dakota Research Activities

Bryan Spindler with juvenile pallid sturgeon

The Cooperative Research Units Program conducts research on a wide range of disciplines related to fish, wildlife, and natural resource management. The programs offer Federal and State agencies access not only to unit scientists, but also to university expertise and facilities available at each of the 40 cooperating universities. Most research projects are carried out by graduate students participating with and/or under the direction of unit or other university scientists.

The research may be of local, regional, national, or international interest. The research programs conducted by units are approved as directed by the Coordinating Committee overseeing each unit.

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South Dakota Active Projects

South Dakota Completed Projects

South Dakota Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Squillace, M.K., H.H. Betemariam, N.R. Urban, M.R. Penn, T.M. DeSutter, S.R. Chipps, J.J. Stone. 2018. Historical sediment mercury deposition for select South Dakota Lakes: implications for watershed transport and flooding. Journal of Soils and Sediments.
  • Deslauriers, D., S.R. Chipps, J.E. Breck, J.A. Rice, C.P. Madenjian. 2018. Fish Bioenergetics 4.0: An R-based modeling application. Fisheries 42(11): 586-596.
  • Radigan, W.J., A.K. Carlson, J.L. Kientz, S.R. Chipps, M.J. Fincel, and B.D.S. Graeb. 2018. Species- and habitat-specific otolith chemistry patterns inform riverine fisheries management. River Research and Applications 34:279-287.
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South Dakota Technical Publications

  • Kientz, J. 2016. Survival, abundance and relative predation of wild rainbow trout in the Deerfield Reservoir system. Final Report, Project F-15-R, Study 1525, South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, Pierre, SD
  • Deslauriers, D., S.R. Chipps, B.D.S. Graeb, and R.A. Klumb. 2015. Development and application of a spatially-explicit model for estimating growth of age-0 Pallid Sturgeon in the Missouri River. Final report submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, Omaha, Nebraska, 169 pp.
  • Heironimus, L.B., S.R. Chipps, B.D.S. Graeb, R.A. Klumb. 2015. Development and application of a larval Pallid Sturgeon bioenergetics model. Final report submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, Omaha, Nebraska, 69 pp.
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South Dakota Theses and Dissertations

  • White, B. 2017. An evaluation of nitrogen supplementation and processed soy fractions on the performance of cultured fishes. M.S. thesis, South Dakota State University, 112 pp.
  • Sweikert, Lily, A. 2017. Human dimensions of habitat loss in the Plains and Prairie Pothole Ecoregion. Ph.D. Dissertation. South Dakota State university. Download
  • MARTORELLI, N.P. 2017. Evaluation of Gamebird Use and Thermal Characteristics of Alfalfa and Perennial Grasses in Eastern South Dakota. M.S. Thesis. South Dakota State University. 161 pp.
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Current Staff

Federal Staff: 3

Masters Students: 5

Phd Students: 2

Post Docs: 0

University Staff: 3

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 16

Scientific Publications: 48

Presentations: 113

South Dakota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Cooperators

  1. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
  2. South Dakota State University
  3. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  4. U.S. Geological Survey
  5. Wildlife Management Institute