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Dr. Mark Rogers

Research Publications

  • Hrycik, AR, PD Collingsworth, MW Rogers, SC Guffey, and TO Hook. 2017. Seasonal structuring of yellow perch trophic indicators outweighs spatial structuring in a large lake basin. Journal of Great Lakes Research.
  • Kao, Y-C., M.W. Rogers, D.B. Bunnell. 2017. Evaluating stocking efficacy in an ecosystem undergoing oligotrophication. Abstract | 
  • Deines, A.M., D.B. Bunnell, M.W. Rogers, and ten coauthors. 2017. The contribution of lakes to global inland fisheries harvest. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 15(6):293-298. DOI: 10.1002/fee.1503
  • Kraus, R.T., C.S. Vandergoot, P.M. Kocovsky, M.W. Rogers, H.A. Cook, T.O. Brenden. 2017. Reconciling catch differences from multiple fishery independent gill net surveys. Fisheries Research 188:17-22. Abstract | 
  • Woelmer, W.M., Y-C Kao, D.B. Bunnell, A.M. Deines, D.H. Bennion, M.W. Rogers, C.N. Brooks, M.J. Sayers, D.M. Banach, A.G. Grimm, R.A. Schuchman. 2017. Assessing the influence of watershed characteristics on chlorophyll a in water bodies at global and regional scales. Inland Waters.
  • Walker, D.M., J.E. Leys, K.E. Dunham, J.C., Oliver, E.E. Schiller, K.S. Stephenson, J.T. Kimrey, J. Wooten, M.W. Rogers. 2017. Methodological considerations for detection of terrestrial small-body salamander eDNA and implications for biodiversity conservation. Molecular Ecology Resources.
  • Lynch, A. J., S. J. Cooke, T. D. Beard, Jr., Y.-C. Kao, K. Lorenzen, A. M. Song, M.S. Allen, Z. Basher, D. B. Bunnell, E. V. Camp, I. G. Cowx, J. A. Freedman, V. M.
    Nguyen, J. K. Nohner, M. W. Rogers, Z. A. Siders, W. W. Taylor, S. Youn. 2017. Grand challenges in the management and conservation of North American inland fish and fisheries. Fisheries.
  • Kerns, J.A., M.W. Rogers, D.B. Bunnell, R.M. Claramunt, and P.D. Collingsworth. 2016. Comparing Life History Characteristics of Lake Michigan's Naturalized and Stocked Chinook Salmon. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.
  • J. Whitney, R. Al-Chokhachy, D. Bunnell, C. Caldwell, S. Cooke, E. Eliason, M.Rogers, A. J. Lynch, C. Paukert. 2016. Physiological basis of climate change impacts on North American inland fish. Fisheries. 41(7): 332-345. DOI: 10.1080/03632415.2016.1186656
  • Lynch, A.J., S.J. Cooke, A. Deines, S. Bower, D.B. Bunnell, I.G. Cowx, V.M. Nguyen, J. Nohner, K. Phouthavong, B. Riley, M.W. Rogers, W.W. Taylor, W.M. Woelmer, S. Youn, T.D. Beard, Jr. 2016. The social, economic, and ecological importance of inland fishes and fisheries. Environmental Reviews 24(2):115-121
  • Sayers, M.J., A.G. Grimm, R.A. Shuchman, A.M. Deines, D.B. Bunnell, Z.B. Raymer, M.W. Rogers, W. Woelmer, D.H. Bennion, C.N. Brooks, M.A. Whitley, D.M. Warner, J.Mychek-Londer. 2015. A new method to generate a high-resolution global distribution map of lake chlorophyll. International Journal of Remote Sensing 36:1942-1964.
  • Deines, A.M., D.B. Bunnell, M.W. Rogers, T.D. Beard, Jr., and W.W. Taylor. 2015. A review of the global relationship among freshwater fish, autotrophic activity, and regional climate. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 25:323-336.
  • Rogers, M.W., D.B. Bunnell, C.P. Madenjian, D.M. Warner. 2014. Lake Michigan offshore ecosystem structure and food web changes from 1987 to 2008. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.
  • Schaeffer, J.S., M.W. Rogers, D.G. Field, and seven coauthors. 2014. Designing long-term fish community assessments in connecting channels: Lessons from the Saint Marys River. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40(supplement 2):15-22.
  • Rogers, M.W., A.B. Barbour, K.L. Wilson. 2014. Trade-offs in experimental designs for estimating post-release mortality in containment studies. Fisheries Research 151:130-135.

Current Staff

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Phd Students: 1

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University Staff: 4

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 8

Scientific Publications: 34

Presentations: 86


Contact Us

Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit Cookeville, TN 38505-0001 Phone: (931) 372 - 3094 Fax: (931) 372 - 6257

Unit Leader

Mark Rogers
Dr. Mark Rogers, Unit Leader, Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

I spent six years as a fisheries research biologist at the USGS Great Lakes Science Center working on Lakes Michigan, Superior, and Erie after earning my PhD at the University of Florida. I started as the Unit Leader for the Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit in December 2015.

Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit Cooperators

  1. Tennessee Technological University
  2. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
  3. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  4. U.S. Geological Survey