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Becki Perkins

Becki Perkins


Becki's dissertation focuses on the impacts of radio-transmitters and PTT’s on bird survival. She is interested in examining how the added weight and attachment type of transmitters influence the flight agility of raptors and whether predators select avian prey fitted with transmitters.

Research Interests

As part of this research, I am flying falconry birds to recreate avian threats to northern bobwhite - a new technique that is yielding exciting results. I am also using thermal imaging to examine the nocturnal escape strategies of this species.

Research Publications

  • Perkins, R., C.W. Boal, D. Rollins, and R.M. Perez. 2014. Northern bobwhite predator avoidance behavior in response to varying types of threat. Journal of Wildlife Management 78:1272-1281.
  • Cheek, C.A., S. Hlavaty, K. Mougey, R.N. Perkins, M.A. Peyton, C.N. Ryan, J.C. Zavaleta, C.W. Boal, and G. Perry. 2013. Vertical structure use by the stoute iguana (Cyclura pinguis) on Guana Island, BVI. IRCF Reptiles and Amphibians 20:112-118.

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

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University Staff: 2

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 37

Scientific Publications: 80

Presentations: 169


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