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Brian Laub

Brian Laub canoeing


Brian received his B.S. in Wildlife Biology with an Aquatic Emphasis from the University of Montana, where he conducted an undergraduate thesis on the influence of flooding on riparian vegetation dynamics. Before beginning graduate school, he spent a month in Panama taking a course on neotropical herpetology at the Institute for Tropical Ecology & Conservation. He earned his Ph.D. in 2011 from the University of Maryland, where he studied the impacts of channel restoration on stream habitat, bed sediment disturbance dynamics, benthic diatom communities, and riparian vegetation and soils. Brian joined Phaedra Budy's lab in 2012 and worked on developing a restoration and monitoring plan for three species of native fish in the San Rafael River in southeastern Utah. When he is not working on river restoration and fisheries conservation, he enjoys hiking and camping in the desert and mountainous regions of the state.

Research Interests

River Ecology Restoration

Teaching Interests

Brian taught two courses at USU:
WATS 6700 River and Riparian Restoration Ecology
WATS 3100 Fish Diversity and Conservation

Research Publications

  • Laub, B.G., G.P. Thiede, W.W. MacFarlane, and P. Budy. 2018. Evaluating the conservation potential of tributaries for native fish in the Upper Colorado River Basin. Fisheries, Feature Article 43:194-206. DOI: 10.1002/fsh.10054. USGS IP: 081178.
  • Laub, B. G., J. Jimenez, and P. Budy. 2015. Adopting science-based restoration in practice: application to a desert river system. Environmental Management ONLINE FIRST: DOI 10.1007/s00267-015-0481-5. USGS IP-053441. Abstract | 
  • Laub, B.G., and P. Budy. 2015. Assessing the likely effectiveness of multi-species management for imperiled desert fishes using niche overlap analysis. Conservation Biology. DOI: 10.1111. Abstract | 

Technical Publications

  • Laub, B. G., J. Jimenez, and P. Budy. 2016. An experimental habitat enhancement effort for Utah's desert rivers: San Rafael River restoration project. American Fisheries Society, Utah Chapter, March 17, 2016, Altamont, UT.
  • Laub, B. G., J. Jimenez, and P. Budy. 2016. An experimental habitat enhancement effort for desert rivers: San Rafael River restoration project. Tamarisk Coalition Meeting, February 9, 2016, Grand Junction, CO.
  • Budy, P., N. Heredia, G.P. Thiede, and B. Laub. 2014. Pyramid Lake fishery evaluation: evaluating cutthroat trout performance and identifying limiting factors for the native fish community. Progress Report to US Fish and Wildlife Service, Lahontan National Fish Hatchery Complex, Great Basin Cooperative Agreement. UTCFWRU 2014(6):1-89.

Current Staff

Federal Staff: 2

Masters Students: 4

Phd Students: 2

Post Docs: 1

University Staff: 2

5 Year Summary

Students graduated: 10

Scientific Publications: 36

Presentations: 122


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