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Utah Theses and Dissertations

  • Klobucar, Stephen. 2018. The abiotic and biotic controls of arctic lake food webs: A multifaceted approach to quantifying Trophic structure and function. PhD Dissertation. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Blythe, Demi. 2018. Assessing the ecological implications of the altered flow and sediment regimes of the Rio Grande along the West Texas-Mexico border. MS Thesis. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Sims, S. A. 2017. Modelling survival of a widely distributed ungulate as a factor of changing environments. MS, Utah State University.
  • Maloney, Bryan C., "Evaluating Habitat-based Niche Requirements and Potential Recruitment Bottlenecks for Imperiled Bluehead Sucker (Catostomus discobolus)" (2017). All Graduate Theses and Dissertations. 6325.
  • Mohn, Harrison. 2016. Improving management and conservation practices of Bonneville cutthroat trout (Onchorhynchus clarkii Utah) through an evaluation of movement and spatial population structure. Co-advised with Brett Roper. MS Thesis. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Strohm, Deanna. 2015. Matching watershed and otolith microchemistry to establish natal origins of an endangered desert lake sucker. MS Thesis. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Heredia, Nicholas. 2014. Food web ecology and energetics of Lahontan cutthroat trout in Pyramid Lake, Nevada: Return of the King? MS Thesis. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Dean, Andy. 2014. An evaluation of the relative performance of diploid versus triploid brook trout with consideration of the influence of lake characteristics. MS Thesis. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Winters, Lisa. 2014. An evaluation of the food web dynamics and predator prey interactions in Scofield Reservoir. MS Thesis. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Bowerman, Tracy. 2013. A multi-scale investigation of factors limiting bull trout viability. PhD. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Klobucar, Stephen. 2013. An experimental and modeling approach to understanding predator-prey dynamics: identifying limitations of predator performance in high desert impoundments. MS Thesis. Ecology. Utah State University.
  • Meredith, Christy. 2012. Effects of a changing physical template on the longitudinal distribution of brown trout in a mountain stream: implications for brown trout invasion success. PhD. Ecology, Utah State University.
  • Brewerton, Adam. 2012. Avian response to post wildland fire reseeding treatments in Great Basin shrubsteppe. M.S. Thesis, Utah State University.
  • Walsworth, Timothy. 2011. A patch approach to understanding the effect of stream degradation on food web and population structure of imperiled desert fishes. MS Thesis. Ecology, Utah State University.
  • Gibson, Jacob. 2011. Individualistic responses of piñon and juniper distributions to projected climate change. M.S. Thesis, Utah State University
  • White, H. 2011. Developing Riparian Bird Habitat Association Models and Management Guidelines. M. S. Thesis, Utah State University, Logan.
  • Bingham, R. J. 2010. Causes and Consequences of Lead-pellet Ingestion by Chukars (Alectoris chukar) in Western Utah: Examining Soil, Search Images, and Toxicology, M.S. thesis, Utah State University, Logan UT.
  • Ripplinger, Julie. 2009. Legacy effects in sagebrush steppe: the key to understanding the future. M.S. Thesis, Utah State University, Logan, UT.
  • Wilson, T. L. 2010. Effects of anthropogenic disturbance on habitat use of pygmy rabbits: the role of legacy effects. Ph.D. Dissertation, Utah State University
  • Botcher, Jared. 2009. Habitat needs, movement patterns, and vital rates of endemic fishes in the tributaries to the Green River, UT. MS Thesis. Utah State University, 61 pages.
  • Clara Bentes Grilo, Ph.D. 2009. Habitat connectivity for carnivores in Mediterranean landscapes: Implications for conservation planning. (Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências, Departamento de Biologia Animal, Co-advisor with Margarida Santos Reis)
  • Seidel, Sara. 2009. Spawning ecology and early-life history of imperiled, endemic cutthroat trout. MS Thesis. Utah State University, 59 pages.
  • Dahle, Kirk S. 2009. Understanding the abiotic and biotic factors that determine fish abundance and diversity along the gradient of a highly altered stream ecosystem. MS Thesis. Utah State University, 41 pages.
  • Carrie O’Brien. 2008 Terrestrial small mammals from the Gamba complex in Gabon: Sampling techniques, distribution patterns, and landscape factors. M.S. (December 12, 2008)
  • Randy Larsen, Ph.D. 2008.A conceptual framework for understanding effects of wildlife water developments in the American southwest. (November 21, 2008)
  • Dr. Miguel Rosalino, Ph.D. 2008.The role of mammals in the structure, function, and sustainability of ‘Montado” woodlands, a Mediterranean habitat. Post-Doctoral student (with Dr. Margarida Santos Reis, University of Lisbon).
  • Wood, Jeremiah. 2008. An investigation of the early life-history of exotic brown trout (Salmo trutta) and potential influences on invasion success. MS Thesis. Utah State University, 48 pages.
  • Nadolski, Benjamin. 2008. Movement patterns and multi-scale factors that influence exotic brook trout distribution and abundance. MS Thesis. Utah State University, 79 pages.
  • Gross, D. H. 2008. Mountain pine beetle fecundity and offspring size differ among lodgepole pine and whitebark pine hosts. Master's Thesis, Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
  • Norvell, R.E. 2008. Disturbance as restoration in the Intermountain sagebrush-steppe: effects on non-target bird species. Doctoral Dissertation, Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
  • Lisa Nordstrom, Ph.D.2006. Tapirs and rhinoceroses in captivity: An examination of the North American captive populations and their husbandry.
  • Silvia Rosa, M.S. 2006.Highway effects on small mammal communities and effectiveness of a deer-vehicle collision mitigation strategy.
  • Zarnetske, Phoebe L. 2006. Multiple species modelling: the management indicator species issue revisited. Master's Thesis, Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
  • E. Johnson, M.S. 2005. Bird and small mammal communities of sagebrush-dominated mountain meadows: An examination of meadow characteristics as part of a hierarchical, multi-level study of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest.
  • Tammy Wilson, M.S. 2005. Landscape dynamics of bird and small mammal communities in sagebrush-dominated mountain meadows in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest: Part of a hierarchical, multi-level study,
  • C. A. Kassar, M.S. 2005. Wildlife vehicle collisions in Utah: An analysis of wildlife road mortality hotspots, economic impacts, and implications for mitigation and management.
  • Thiede, G.P. 1997. Impact of lake trout predation on prey populations in Lake Tahoe: a bioenergetics assessment. Master’s thesis, Utah State University, Logan, Utah.

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