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Dr. Terri Donovan

Technical Publications

  • Donovan, T.M., J. Katz, C. Brauer, and B. Mitchell. 2014. Acoustical Monitoring of Biodiversity and Phenology: A Pilot Wildlife Monitoring Partnership for Adaptive Management. Final Report to the National Park Service.
  • Donovan, T.M., K. Rinehart, and J. Cummings. 2014. Improving Structured Decision Making Processes through Relational Database Development and Analysis. Final Report to the U.S. Geological Survey.
  • Donovan, T. M., C. Brauer, J. Katz, and B. Mitchell. 2013. A pilot test for monitoring phenology with acoustic sensors. Final Report to the National Phenology Network.
  • Tierney, G., B. Mitchell, A. Miller-Rushing, J. Katz, E. Denny, C. Brauer, T. Donovan, A. Richardson, M. Toomey, A. Kozlowski, J. Weltzin, K. Gerst, E. Sharron, O. Sonnentag, F. Dieffenbach . 2013. Phenology monitoring protocol: Northeast Temperate Network. Natural Resource Report. NPS/NETN/NRR—2013/681. National Park Service. Fort Collins, Colorado. Published Report-2197242. Abstract |
  • Donovan, T. M., W. S. Schwenk, and W. Keeton. 2011. The influence of forest attributes on indicators of biodiversity: Establishing guidelines for sustainable forest management. Final Report for the Northeastern States Research Cooperative.
  • Donovan, T. M. 2008. How much forest is enough? Effects of forest amount and arrangement on forest bird population viability. McIntire Stennis Final Report.
  • Donovan, T., and J. Hines. 2007. Exercises in occupancy modeling and estimation. Electronic book. <>
  • Donovan, T. M., and A. Duerr. 2007. Influence of egg oiling on the metapopulation dynamics of double-crested cormorants. Final Report. Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.
  • Donovan, T. M., and K. Cornell. 2007. Relationships between forest bird abundance and nesting productivity in Vermont. Final Report. Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.
  • Donovan, T. 2006. Effects of habitat fragmentation on bird species richness in the continental U.S. Final Report Research Work Order 32. NASA.
  • Donovan, T. M. 2006. Identifying the effects of scale on population dynamics in birds: An individually-based approach. Final Report. National Science Foundation Grant No. 0344369.
  • Donovan, T.M., and K. Watrous. Habitat requirements of the Indiana Bat (Myotis Sodalis) in the Champlain Valley, VT and NY. Final Report. Research Work Order 31. U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Donovan, T. M. 200 Towards a theory of landscape effects on population dynamics in birds. Final Report. The National Science Foundation Grant No. 0108875.
  • Bonter, D. N., and T. M. Donovan. 2003. An Inventory of Migration Stopover Concentration Areas in the Northeastern United States: Remote Sensing with WSR-88D (NEXRAD) Radar. A final report to the USFWS.
  • Bonter, D. N., and T. M. Donovan. 2002. Near-shore habitat priorities for migratory songbirds (GL99072). Final report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes National Program Office
  • Bonter, D. N., and T. M. Donovan. 2002. Migratory landbird stopover concentration areas in the Great Lakes Basin. Final report to the Nature Conservancy.
  • Winter, M., D. H. Johnson, J. A. Dechant, T. M. Donovan, and W. D. Svedarsky. 2001. Evaluation of the bird conservation area concept in the northern tallgrass prairie. Annual report. U.S.G.S.

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Students graduated: 6

Scientific Publications: 19

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