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Dr. Pat Mazik

Research Publications

  • Waldrop, T., S. Summerfelt, P. Mazik, and C. Good. Comparing the effects of swimming exercise and dissolved oxygen on the performance, health, and welfare of early-rearing Atlantic salmon Salmo salar. Aquaculture Research. Abstract | 
  • Behmke, S., P.Mazik and T. Katnzer. Submitted. Common samples used to diagnose lead poisioning are poor predictors of total body lead burden of birds. Journal of Wildlife Diseases. Abstract | 
  • Hahn, C.M., L.R. Iwanowicz, R.S. Cornman, P.M. Mazik and V.S. Blazer. 2016. Whole transcriptome sequencing for the development of transcript abundance biomarkers in non-model fish species. Journal of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology: Part D, 20:27-40
  • Blazer, V.S., H.L. Walsh, R.P. Braham, C.M. Hahn, P.M. Mazik, and P. McIntyre. 2016. Tumors in white sucker from Lake Michigan tributaries: pathology and prevalence. Journal of Fish Diseases. doi:10.1111/jfd.12520.
  • Mazik, P.M., R. P. Braham, C. M. Hahn, and V.S. Blazer. 2015. Assessment of general and reproductive health of fishes at selected sites in the Great Lakes Basin in 2012. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Cooperator Science Series FWS/CSS-112-2015, Washington, D.C. Download  | 
  • Annins, A.W., J.T. Petty, T.L. King, M. Schilz and P.M Mazik. 2015. Genetic differentiation and complex metapopulation structure of an Appalachian brook trout populations. Conservation Genetics 16:15-29. Download  | 
  • Blazer, V.S., P.M. Mazik, L.R. Iwanowicz, R.P. Braham, C.M. Hahn, H.L. Walsh, and A.J. Sperry. 2014. Assessment of the fish tumor beneficial use impairment in brown bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus) at selected Great lakes Areas of Concern. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 17p., IP-056691 BAO approval 5/21/14.
  • Blazer, V.S., P.M. Mazik, L.R. Iwanowicz, R. Braham, C. Hahn, H. Walsh and A. Sperry. 2014. Effects-based monitoring of wild fishes at sites in the Great Lakes Basin: Methods and Preliminary Results: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2014-1027 p. 44, Download  | 
  • Ekman, D.R., G.T. Ankley, V.S. Blazer, T.W. Collette, N. Garcia-Reyero, L.R. Iwanowicz, Z.G. Jorgenson, K.E. Lee, P.M. Mazik, D.H. Miller, E.J. Perkins, E.T. Smith, J.E. Tietge, and D.L. Villeneuve. 2013. Biological Effects-based Tools for Monitoring Impacted Surface Waters in the Great Lakes: A Multi-Agency Program in Support of the GLRI. Environmental Practice. Accepted for Publication. Abstract | 
  • Petty, J.T., D. Thorne, B.M. Huntsman, and P.M. Mazik. In press. The temperature - productivity squeeze: constraints on Brook Trout growth along an Appalachian River Continuum. Hydrobiologia
  • Petty, T. J., J.L. Hansbarger, B.M Huntsman and P.M. Mazik. 2012. Differential movement by brook trout and brown trout along a stream size continuum in a central Appalachian watershed. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 141:4 Pages 1060-1073. Abstract | 
  • Hafs, A.W., P.M. Mazik, P.B. Kenney and J. Silverstein. 2012. Impact of carbon dioxide level, water velocity, and feeding regimen on growth and fillet attributes of cultured rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Aquaculture. 350-353:pages 46-53. Abstract | 
  • Blazer, V.S. L.R. Iwanowicz, H. Henderson, P.M. Mazik, J.A. Jenkins, D.A. Alvarez and J. A. Young. 2011. Reproductive endocrine disruption in smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) in the Potomac River basin: spatial and temporal comparisons of biological effects. Environmental Monitoring Assessment: 10.1007/s10661-011-2266-5. Abstract | 
  • Hafs, A.W., C.D. Horn, P.M. Mazik and K.J. Hartman. 2010. Influences of Acid Mine Drainage and Thermal Enrichment on Stream Fish Reproduction and Larval Survival. Northeastern Naturalist. 17:575-592. Abstract | 
  • Hartman, K.J., C.D. Horn and P.M. Mazik 2010. Influence of multiple anthropogenic stressors on Mortality of the Crayfish Cambarus bartonii in an Appalachian River. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 25:19-30. Abstract | 
  • Mynsberge, A.R., M.P. Strager, J.M. Strager and P.M. Mazik. 2009. Developing predictive models for freshwater mussels (Mollusca: Unionidae) in the Appalachians: Limitations and directions for future research. Ecoscience 16:387-398 Abstract | 
  • Davidson, J., J. Bebak and P. M. Mazik. 2008. The Effects of Aquaculture Production Noise on the Growth, Condition Factor, Feed Conversion, and Survival of Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Aquaculture submitted
  • Hansbarger, J., J. T. Petty and P. M. Mazik. 2009. Brook trout movement within a high elevation watershed. Proceeding of the Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 62:142-148.
  • Clingerman, J., J. Bebak, P. Mazik, and S. T. Summerfelt. 2007. Use of avoidance response of rainbow trout to carbon dioxide for fish self-transfer between tanks. Aquaculture Engineering 37:234-251.
  • Davidson, J., A. Frankel, W. Ellison, S. Summerfelt, A. N. Popper, P. Mazik, and J. Bebak. 2007. Minimizing noise in fiberglass aquaculture tanks: noise reduction potential of various retrofits. Aquaculture Engineering 27:125-131.
  • Wysocki, L. E., J. Davidson, M. Smith, A. Frankel, W. Ellison, P. M. Mazik, A. N. Popper and J. Bebak. In Press. Effects of aquaculture production noise on hearing, growth and disease resistance of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. Aquaculture Engineering
  • McClurg, S., J. T. Petty, P. M. Mazik, J. Clayton. 2007. Stream ecosystem response to limestone treatment in acid impacted watersheds of the Allegheny Plateau. Ecological Applications 17:1087-1104.
  • Danley, M. L., P. B. Kenney, P. M. Mazik, R. Kiser and J. A. Hankins. 2005. Effects of carbon dioxide stress on intensively cultured rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss: physiological responses, growth, and fillet attributes. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 36:249-261
  • Jittinandana S., P. B. Kenney, P. M. Mazik, M. Danley, C. D. Nelson, R. A. Kiser, and J. A. Hankins. 2005. Transport treatment and stunning method affect quality of arctic char fillets. Journal of Muscle Foods 16:274-288.
  • Petty, J. T., P. J. Lamothe, and P. M. Mazik. 2005. Spatial and seasonal dynamics of brook trout populations inhabiting a central Appalachian watershed. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 134:572-587.
  • Nickum, M. J., P. M. Mazik, J. D. Nickum and D. MacKinlay, editors. 2004. Propagated Fish in Resource Management. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 44, American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland. 644 Pages.
  • Jittinandana, S., P. B. Kenney, S. D. Slider, P. Mazik, J. Bebak-Williams, and J. A. Hankins. 2003. Effect of handling stress on quality of smoked Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus) fillets. Journal of Food Science 68:58-63.
  • Mazik, P. M., N. C. Parker, and B. A. Simco. 2001. Relation of environmental calcium and pH to the stress response of striped bass. Proceeding of the Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 55:208-217.
  • Petty, J. T., J. Freund, P. Lamothe, and P. M. Mazik. 2001. Quantifying instream habitat in the upper shavers fork basin at multiple spatial scales. Proceeding of the Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. 55:81-94
  • Mazik, P. M., B. A. Simco, and N. C. Parker. 2002. Influence of water hardness, salts and MS-222 on survival of Phase I striped bass during and after transport. Proceedings of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. 56:75-78.
  • Mazik, P. M., and N. C. Parker. 2001. Semi-intensive culture systems in G. Wedemeyer, editor. Fish Hatchery Management, 2nd Edition. Pages 241-284. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Mazik, P. M., B. A. Simco and N. C. Parker. 2000. Influence of sodium and calcium chloride on the stress response and survival of striped bass during and after transport from a hard and soft water hatchery. Proceeding of the Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 54:118-127
  • Tiersch, T. R., and P. M. Mazik. 2000. Cryopreservation in Aquatic Species. T. R. Tiersch and P. M. Mazik, editors. World Aquaculture Society, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 439 Pages.

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Unit Leader

Pat Mazik
Dr. Pat Mazik, teaching Fish Physiology

Dr. Mazik received her BS from the University of Mount Union, MS from Univ. of Texas at San Marcos and PhD from the University of Memphis. She has been at the Coop Unit since 1998.


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