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Christine Ribic

Research Publications

  • Ribic, C.A., D.J. Rugg, N. Koper, K. Ellison, and C. Ng. 2019. Behavior of adult and young grassland songbirds at fledging. Journal of Field Ornithology 90:143-153. DOI: 10.1111/jofo.12289
  • Pasternak, G.,C.A. Ribic, E. Spanier, A. Ariel, B. Mayzel, S. Ohayon, and D. Zviely. 2019. Nearshore survey and cleanup of benthic marine debris using citizen science divers along the Mediterranean coast of Israel. Ocean and Coastal Management 175: 17-32.
  • Donner, D.M., D.J. Brown, C.A. Ribic, M. Nelson, and T. Greco. 2018. Managing forest habitat for conservation-reliant species in a changing climate: the case of the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler. Forest Ecology and Management 430:265-279.
  • Ribic, C.A., C. Ng, N. Koper, K. Ellison, P.J. Pietz, and D. J. Rugg. 2018. Diel fledging patterns in grassland passerines: relative impacts of energetics and predation risk. The Auk 135: 1100-1112.
  • Zuckerberg, B., C.A. Ribic, and L.A. McCauley. 2018. Effects of temperature and precipitation on grassland bird nesting success as mediated by patch size. Conservation Biology 32:872-882.
  • Wolcott, D.M., D.M. Donner, D.J. Brown, and C.A. Ribic. 2018. Kirtland’s warbler winter habitat changes across the Bahamian Archipelago in response to future climate condition scenarios. Caribbean Naturalist 49:1-20.
  • Pasternak, G., D. Zviely, A. Ariel, E. Spanier, and C.A. Ribic. 2018. Message in a Bottle - the story of floating plastic in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Waste Management 77:67-77.
  • McCauley, L.A., C.A. Ribic, L.Y. Pomara, and B. Zuckerberg. 2017. The future demographic niche of a declining grassland bird fails to shift poleward in response to climate change. Landscape Ecology 32: 807-821.
  • Byers, C.M., C. A. Ribic, D. W. Sample., J.D. Dadisman, and M. R. Guttery. 2017. Grassland bird productivity in warm season grass fields in southwest Wisconsin. American Midland Naturalist 178:47-63.
  • Brown, D.J., C.A. Ribic, D.M. Donner, M.D. Nelson, C.I. Bocetti, C.M. Deloria-Sheffeld. 2017. Using a full annual cycle model to evaluate long-term population viability of the conservation-reliant Kirtland’s warbler after successful recovery. Journal of Applied Ecology 54: 439–449
  • Guttery, M.R., C.A. Ribic, D. Sample, A. Paulios, C. Trosen, J. Dadisman, D. Schneider, and J.A. Horton. 2017. Scale-specific habitat relationships influence patch occupancy: defining neighborhoods to optimize the effectiveness of landscape-scale grassland bird conservation. Landscape Ecology 32:515-529

  • Dudzinski, K.M. and C.A. Ribic. 2017. Pectoral fin contact as a mechanism for social bonding among dolphins. Animal Behavior and Cognition 4:30-48.
  • Pasternak, G., D. Zviely, C.A. Ribic, A. Ariel, and E. Spanier. 2017. Sources, composition and spatial distribution of marine debris along the Mediterranean coast of Israel. Marine Pollution Bulletin 114:1036-1045.
  • Ribic, C.A., D.M. Donner, A.J. Beck, D.J. Rugg, S. Reinecke, and D. Eklund, Beaver colony density trends on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, 1987 – 2013. 2017. PLoS ONE 12(1):e0170099. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0170099.
  • Ribic, C.A., D.J. Rugg, D.M. Donner, A.J. Beck, and BJ Byers. 2016. The Moquah Barrens Research Natural Area: loss of a pine barrens ecosystem. USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station General Technical Report NRS-161.

  • Thompson, S.J., D.H. Johnson, N.D. Niemuth, and C.A. Ribic. 2015. Avoidance of unconventional oil wells and roads exacerbates habitat loss for grassland birds in the North American Great Plains. Biological Conservation 192: 82-90.
  • Drum, R. G., C.A. Ribic, K. Koch, E. Lonsdorf, E. Grant, M. Alhering, L. Barnhill, T. Daily, S. Lor, C. Mueller, D. Pavlecky, C. Rideout, and D. Sample. 2015. Strategic Grassland Bird Conservation throughout the annual cycle: Linking policy alternatives, landowner decisions, and biological population outcomes. PLoS ONE DOI: 10.1371/ journal.pone.0142525.
  • Donner, D.M., C.A. Ribic, A.J. Beck, D. Higgins, D. Eklund, and S. Reinecke. 2015. Woodland pond salamander abundance in relation to forest management and environmental conditions in northern Wisconsin. Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1): 34-42.
  • LeDee, O.E. and C.A. Ribic. 2015. Determining candidates for climate change management action: a case study from Wisconsin. Journal of Conservation Planning 11:1-12.
  • Hagell, S. and C.A. Ribic. 2014. Barriers to climate-adaptive wildlife management: A survey of researchers and managers in Wisconsin. Wildlife Society Bulletin 38: 672-681.
  • Ellison, K., E. K. Hofmeister, C. A. Ribic, and D. W. Sample. 2014. Relatively high prevalence of pox-like lesions in Henslow’s Sparrow among nine species of migratory grassland passerines in Wisconsin. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 50: 810-816.
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